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About Me

Introduction - how this blog started:
Formerly I was writing in the Fundamental Analysis page of Forum. The nice incentive writing there was there was a point award for each "good" or "like" by readers of your post - I got the most "thanks". Most of the readership there were concentrated on the Technical Analysis Forum. Perhaps by virtue of grace, my writings obtained the highest overall ranking even surpassing the Technical Analysis "Team". Meaning more readers gave "thanks" to my writings than others. If I remembered correctly, my score was 63 and the second place was about 30 or 40 points.

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The site was revamped with a new Forum engine that totally erased the "score" keeping system. The incentive to write there diminished. Plus I was caught up with many other things in life in this past year or two.

To reboot my writings and sharing, and as before to share what I have gathered, read, analysed, researched, I have started this financial blog. 50% will be focused on Fundamental Analysis of Stocks mainly from Singapore (SGX market) and Malaysia (Bursa). 20% will be on other financial issues, and 10% on supporting and relating to finance, financial management, Forbes, fun, and perhaps food, since all are starting with "f".

Recently I have added "other" topics amounting to 20%. Which are still very investment related. For reading and reflecting. Another topic that I love sharing about is travelling on a reasonable budget. The biggest costs in travelling (abroad or long distance) is naturally the cost of airfare and second, the cost of accomodation (hotel, hostel, motel, villa, backpackers, lodge).

AirAsia and budget airline travelling has significantly lightened the bulk of the main cost. While for accommodation, there are various ways to beat the "market price" or "rack rate" of a hotel stay.

Not only budget airline travelling tips that are covered. Another favourite sharing that most friends asked me is how could I have managed to get "free flights" on full fare airlines. Among the highlights:
- Economy Class Return Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (stopover) to Auckland on Thai Airways
- First Class Return Flight from Bangkok to Tokyo (stopover) to Seoul on United Airlines
- Business Class Return Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok (stopover) to Seoul on Thai Airways
- Economy Class Return Flight from Kuala Lumpur to Dubai (stopover) to Manchester on Emirates Airlines

More about me:
Besides financial analysis, previously I had done a few other varied field of work. Including IT support, photography (over 10 000 sold), postcards, lampshade design, web design (see

In 2006, I was featured in a book by Gobala Krishnan:

Denzuke Design was one of my earlier creations. Also Art Of Your Mind.
Facebook Page:

Sharing is a joy. And sharing about my stock picks, stock tips, research, gives me great joy when the reader benefits and hopefully "made" money from it.
Enjoy reading.
Comments, suggestions, thanks are welcome.
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