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Monday, September 27, 2010

Genting Malaysia target price $4

With Genting Singapore on a turbo to over $2.10 Singapore Dollars, hot money has been flowing into two other Genting stocks namely Genting Malaysia (GENM) formerly Resorts World, and Genting Hong Kong (formerly Starcruises). This volatile week saw GENM rocking from $3.10 to $3.60 and back to $3.40.

This rocking is essentially great news for investors. GENM has been at $2.80 level for a year. Volatility is essentially a promising sign. A hive of activity means there are buyers and sellers and winners and losers, rather than a stagnant priced stock. A dividend is declared - therefore buying now is status CD (cum dividend).

If finally Genting Singapore is priced at an average of $2.00 SGD which is about $4.50 MYR. Could it be possible GENM will arrive at that level of $4.00 as a target price?

What is promising is the gaming business in UK that Genting Malaysia will possess and another gaming business in USA.

Another natural feature of Malaysian KLSE Bursa stocks compared to SGX stocks is the magnitude of price movement. Glove companies such as Top Glove goes up $2-$5. Even Genting Berhad itself went up $4. Therefore, the likelihood of hitting a higher note for GENM is there. Genting Singapore actually doubled up or rose 100%. Using that as another estimation from the stable level of $2.80 for GENM, the target price of a doubling up could arrive at $5.60 as a target price?

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