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Friday, September 24, 2010

Riding the Wave Methodology - 8 July 2009

Posted 08 July 2009 - 09:01 PM
Here are some summary of some personal messages that are related to this topic.
8 July: Now is week one of July. Things have as noted in the detailed analysis above, going slowly, going downwards, 10-20% off the current year's peak for some stocks. Many many wrote telling me negative sentiments. You feel low because the STI is low. You feel you bought just before the "crash" and thanked me for the article, at the same time, hoped it was written at least a month ahead.

Predicting and getting it correct was not my main goal of the writeup. But to show the mechanics and automation of how the whole electronic system runs virtually behind our computer monitors and LCD screens.

Therefore: A pep talk. Down, low, doesn't mean you have to feel low. It's perhaps the second chance to take up enough position now before things go upwards as clockwork.

Case in history: The 1997/1998 then 2001/2002 bear runs where terrible to many. Yet when things went upwards, nobody stated nor proclaimed - Now is the bull run. The bull run or in more subtle wording, the upward movements, just go, gain momentum, and those who bought really really early, gained. Others keep watching, and waiting for the bull run. Then when it's over a considerable peak, you would finally attempt to purchase unit trust funds, or buying a home, but alas, it's too little too late. You'd be paying a hefty amount. For instance, many bought into Rio Tinto when it was peaking at 130 AUD because they finally (too late) believed China and BRIC will gobble and maintain that demand from their mines for the rest of the decade. Today, you know the price.

In cyberspeak: There's no better time to buy that laptop but now.

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