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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Money Making Seminars, MLM, mind tricks and GRC scams

One prominent infamous scam-email-spammer once said "there's is always a lamb out there among the millions of email that I sent". And as long as that single lamb took the bait, profit is made. That is profit? Not. That is exploitation of someone's weakness. In the animal kingdom, if you watched Discovery, or Animal Planet, you will notice something we wouldn't expect in a chivalrous situation. The lion always hunt for the weakest antelope, the baby gazelle, or the ageing elephant. Alas, they call it the circle of life - in the animal kingdom.

But we are not animals. So those who resort to high-handed mind tricks to bring silence to lambs, and a pound of their flesh are those who have no integrity. Not righteous. Not what a true Middle Kingdom (huaxia) person would do. Against the basic tenets of Confucius, or Jesus, and all that is wholesome humanity.

Read this excerpt from an internet marketer/internet trainer/investment guru/expert:
"Several years ago, I bought my CLK Mercedes, thanks to the income from the Internet. This year, I bought another car..."
"My Paypal income is shown here - $10 000 USD in a month!"
"Use my CFD investment tactics and earn $800 USD per day trade. See my sports car as proof."
"My oxygenated water will improve your health and my 500K car"

There is no integrity; not ethical. Finally some lambs will be slaughtered. Money "stolen" paid for a high cost seminar, a system, a health product, a "downline" - if these people are not remorseful, then they really have no heart. It is no different from robbing a fellow human. No different from stealing, and no different from murder - as some of those lambs, might have given their savings, borrowed money, and finally unable to continue this system, or should have used the resources to pay for something more essential, medical payment, food - and finally facing the end of the road.

Therefore, I hope my sharing here will benefit my readers. If you made some money from my analysis, research, sharing - please donate to a reputable charity. For example Tzu-Chi Foundation, your church's St. Vincent de Paul (Society for the Poor), recycle bins, plant a tree, donate a book, give a smile to your neighbour.

"With coarse rice to eat, with water to drink, and my crooked arm for a pillow - is not joy to be found therein? Riches and honors acquired through unrighteousness are to me as the floating clouds."疏食飲水,曲肱而枕,樂在其中矣。不義而富貴,於我如浮雲。- Confucius

Also read this article from the Den of the Lion Investor:

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