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Thursday, August 4, 2011

WinXP to Win8 Bypassing Vista and Win7

For years, I had kept the mantra of not being suck and stuck into Windows Vista, the power-hogging hive of computer technology wastage. When Windows 7 was out, and XP being slowly discontinued, I was considering IT-life-after-XP: and tinkering, testing (occasionally) with Ubuntu resulted in good progress, but not yet as a full-day use system.

It was amazing to see Ubuntu able to handle new technologies, drivers, support easily, and automatically. Startup time was also extremely fast.

But now, instant on, viz-a-viz Adroid 3.0 tablets proved too much an enhancement (or feature) that seems impossible not to take notice. The future has indeed arrived.

My netbook Asus 1005HA Seashell still uses the original Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3. Probably the last of its kind. Last life in the universe.

And looking forward, it is indeed possible to bypass Vista and even Windows 7 completely, with cutting-edge breakneck speeds of delivery of new features, enhancements and real technology. If Microsoft hasn't got it right with Windows 8, it might be its final curtain call. Android (Google) will take over the helm of operating system - in both devices and personal computers. And a personal computer will be so personal it will not look like that square box of an ATX casing any more. That is so 1980s.
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