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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lynas briefing called-off lowering trust of residents

The rare earth refinery owned by Lynas Corp in Gebeng, Malaysia caused further mistrust when the scheduled briefing by the Pahang State Economic Development Corporation was cancelled unceremoniously with just a sign outside the state venue.

Most of the residents felt further anxiety that the government agencies are playing hide-and-seek games and with no transparency. Recent heightened awareness about nuclear radiation, nuclear fallout, toxic waste material has pushed villagers and residents to be more proactive in seeking answers and preventive measures instead of the more lackadaisical attitude and non-confrontational culture of most Malaysians. In a way, residents of various backgrounds and races seem united in this front to get not just answers but accountability and transparency.

Shoddy workmanship, corruption of contracts are far too common and also when disaster strikes, when a building collapses, then only a Commission is set-up or organised to investigate. Now residents want proper deliverance. Not a cover-up after the fact.

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