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Monday, April 4, 2011

Calamity, tsunami, H1N1, war will spur rubber gloves demand

Calamity, tsunami, H1N1, war will spur rubber gloves demand. Usage of rubber gloves will increase where it is required the most. In war torn or conflict prone region, now namely the MENA region focusing specifically on Libya, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and those countries that are seemingly infected with the lamentation and uprising against the rule of bad politics, bad governance and bad image.

Tsunami in Japan will set the tone for high quality rubber gloves. Countries situated inside the Pacific Ring of Fire will certainly increase their stockpile of ready rubber gloves. Think of countries who have the purchasing power such as Taiwan, Japan, China.

H1N1 or another bird flu seems imminent but it is not publicly discussed nor tabled. There were recent reports of culling of swine in Korea, both north and south. Did anyone notice it? Was it just passing? Similar to stock market crashes, the small waves are often ignored and when the large tsunami comes literally, most people are caught right in the middle of the ocean.

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