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Monday, April 11, 2011

eBay is unceremoniously dead

eBay is dead.
From a top website with real active users, the fee structure of over 10% commission per transaction, plus ultimately forcing users to use Paypal to fork out another 3-5% means a total cut of over 15% of your sales.

If you were honestly a real world business selling products, 15% commission here is indeed a large sum.

So the question is when will Google revive the heydays of online auctions? I believe to set up an auction system using Google funds is not going to hurt their bank account. And charging half or less percentage commission, then inviting all eBay users to cross-over while maintaining their current eBay Rating Points will almost certainly ensure victory. Plus when everyone is over this side, Google Checkout can flourish a hundred fold.

Can someone in Google employ me?

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