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Thursday, October 7, 2010

XPertTrader build stock trading system from MACD, Stochastics, RSI patterns

After trying out ChartNexus Stock Charting Software, I began reading about XPertTrader, the paid subscription component of ChartNexus. The fees are:
SGD$210 / MYR480 for 6 months 

SGD$420 / MYR960 for 13 months (bonus of 1 month)

ChartNexus XPertTrader™ is a unified trading system that combines a stock screener, a rules composer and a backtester for creating powerful rules to help you identify winning stocks.

Designed to work for traders, investors, brokers with some level of understanding of technical indicators, XPertTrader™ lets you create your own set of rules based on our pre-set indicators and then conduct simulated back-testing on these rules.
A powerful module that allow you to build your own sophisticated trading system using the most poplar technical indicators such as Moving Average, MacD, RSI, Stochastics, ADX and more.
It also easily detects Japanese candlestick patterns e.g. doji, harami, hanging man, 3 soldiers and more. You can detect with your self-created patterns too !

Key Features of XPertTrader™
  • Easy construction of rules to form a complete trading system
  • Inclusion of logical operators such as AND, OR to aid timing considerations
  • Flexibility to customize parameters of the indicators supplied
  • Easy-to-use GUI to build your own trading system swiftly
  • Diagrams of the buy/sell signals are included
  • A library of ready to use trading rules
  • Backtester of trading system
  • Stock screener for the next profitable trade
Key Benefits of Using XPertTrader™
1.   Eliminate emotion out of the trading equation
Emotion is often the Achilles' heel of individual investors. Due to emotion, many investors/traders make irrational decision whether the stock is making money or making a loss. Consequently, investors/traders either end up taking profit too early or end up losing a lot of money. By following a well-developed, customized trading system, the system will automate the decision-making process thereby eliminating emotional, irrational decision.

2.   Uncover potential trade candidates

By defining a set of rules and coupled with our screener, investor/traders are opened to many possibility of discovering much more potential, hidden gems for investing/trading purpose.

3.   Free up your precious time

Once you have established your own customized trading system by constructing and customizing your own set of rules, the process of tracking and spotting stocks can be fully automated. You are liberated then to channel your energy and time on analysis and executing the trades instead. In addition, with our powerful screener, you can also uncover many other stocks which would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to spot them if you were to search for them manually.

4.   Trading system made easy

Building up a trading system can be a complex and challenging process. To ensure that you can realize the full potential of what XPertTrader™ can offer, we have focussed delivering simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) without compromising on functionalities.
5.   Develop... Refine... refine... refine...
Customizing and establishing a trading system can be a time-consuming task depending on your level of experience and ability. You will need to refine and tweak your trading system and re-test it again. XPertTrader™ comes with a backtester to test on the rules you have developed. You should make realistic assumptions when developing and deploying the system especially on transaction/trading costs since they usually constitute a significant portion of the total transaction value.

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