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Monday, June 6, 2011

Asian Deals Groupon Like Review

Even though Groupon hasn't made any profit, their proof of concept and momentum by users is so encouraging that copy-cat coupon or collective deals system are the latest internet shopping trend. Groupon is hoping for a powerful IPO this year. This online shopping megatrend is set to overdrive with more and more devices freely connecting to the internet these days. From netbooks, Ipads, smart phones and the convergence of voice and internet offerings in 4G networks to Long Term Evolution technology. Plus the imminent increase in the cost of travel (oil price increase is a given), shopping online and in particular hunting for herd mentality deals, has become acceptable and to some, it is indeed a fun online experience.

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Here are a list of some Asian Deals Site, which are sort of a Groupon-wannabe as you can observe their website layout has a similar flair!
1) - Two languages, 3 cities in Malaysia.
2) - In association with Yahoo, comprises deals from 5 cities including Singapore.
3) - 6 cities in Thailand. This company is actually from the Phillipines. English and Thai.
4) - now defunct, the website is not functioning from last month. It was previously run by a friend from Germany who was residing in Bangkok, Yannick Dannigo.
5) - Australian Deals.
7) - Malaysia
8) - Bought by TicketMonster Korea

1) - Hong Kong in Cantonese Chinese and English, covers both Hong Kong and Macau.
2) - China
3) - New Zealand

Korean coupon company Ticket Monster just bought over a Malaysian coupon startup.

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  1. Groupon is going to be listed in which country?


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