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Saturday, June 11, 2011

AirAsia coming up with TuneFitness

Tony Fernandes recently posted in his Facebook account that he is happy with his weight-loss program, after appearing for a commercial.

It seems if Now Everyone Can Fly, it is also possible Now Everyone Can Be Fit.

Look, there are zillions of AirAsia customers, and most of them are unfortunately overweight because of their so-called new found wealth. This "wealth" is so detrimental to their health and is appearing at obscene places - their tummy and buttocks. Even the CEO was not spared this wealth.

With his own wisdom, he decided to combat this and had fortunately shed some kilograms of excess wealth, and proudly declaring in the internet.

So I wrote a masterplan to him last week. To create another super-brand out of the AirAsia cloud. Using the same concept of tackling the demand, in this case the demand to be healthy yet with the motivation of the Sumatran sloth that most Asians have, it seems apt to begin a new venture start-up in what else - TuneFitness.

So far, there is TuneMoney (insurance, debit cards), TuneTalk (mobile SIM card), TuneHotels (accomodations) and of course AirAsia (air travel).

AirAsia TuneFitness (not TrueFitness):
1) Now Everyone Can Be Healthy. Now Everyone Can Be Fit. Now Everyone Can Be Slim.
2) Every destination that AirAsia flies to, will have a TuneFitness centre ready.
3) This AirAsia Fitness Centre will have the usual weights but not the bulky ones. Lite versions. So people can go in fast, like a circuit and finishing in a set time. You can do the 20 minute path, or 60 minute path. Slot in Body Combat, Body Pump or Body Jam.
4) Pay early or book early to get your slots.
5) The more you lose (fat) the more points you will get.
6) Combining with AirAsia, they can organise events similar to Amazing Race. This will create a huge hype.
7) TuneFitness members can go and train and exercise in ANY TuneFitness Centres worldwide. And since AirAsia has so many routes, you'll always have NO MORE excuses to NOT exercise.
8) Getting fit socially with others, travellers and friends - with points as motivation - will boost more members. The ultimate goal, fit travellers fit customers. Get out of the "trying to sell membership fees and Personal Training sessions" that are outward dirty tricks of those fitness centres. Beat them!
9) What I wrote above is not too clean nor clear but it was somewhat an idea. Anyone else has some suggestions, comments just add on!

Last news I heard: Tony will be organising a "Apprentice"-like TV Reality show. AirAsia Apprentice anyone? Winner gets to work with this super CEO!

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