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Thursday, June 30, 2011 Regional Traffic Rank

Perhaps we all know the top websites that people go to daily are the search engine Google, and the social network site Facebook. First to search news, info, questions. The latter is used to connect with friends, gossips, and interacting with people and interests. These websites have attained a supreme psychological level being imprinted at the subconscious level of the minds of their users.

AirAsia too has been making waves, clouds and colours in the minds of the passengers. Key words like budget airfare, cheap flights, low cost holidays, happy vacation, saving money are all automatically associated with AirAsia by virtue of association with the branding, colour (Red) and constant reminders from media marketing. Print media and internet. Even a "paad Thai" (Thai fried noodles) push cart was adorned with AirAsia's emblem and destinations.

Here are some regional ranking showing the widespread reach of AirAsia into the minds of their passengers and potential customers.

At its home country, Malaysia, AirAsia is the 36th most used, most accessed or most visible website. Small Brunei has put AirAsia at a higher pedestal breaking in at the 22nd spot.

The core countries that are part of the enlarged AirAsia family, Thai AirAsia and AirAsia Indonesia also feature prominently in their home country ranking, coming at 114th in Thailand, and 142nd in Indonesia. Australia and New Zealand traffic into is very popular due to a high penetration of broadband in these first-world countries and a hunger for low priced airfares.

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