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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kinecting Your Daily Life With Xbox360

Recently my brother bought the Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor. There are many hackers who have modified successfully the sensors to operate in a Windows 7 environment, virtually making the live gestures input mode a real-life year 2010 reality, comparable to what Tom Cruise was doing in the movie Minority Report, which was dated as year 2054.

Zooming and rotating images and maps works fluidly in the demonstration above. Remember being impressed when Google Maps allow such zooming and rotating with the mouse? Or how about flicking the smart phone's touch screen effortlessly to change, move, go the next page, pinch and zoom - ala iPhone.

The attractive pricing of the gaming console Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor Bundle includes a free Kinect Adventures game seems unbeatable. At just 300 USD, it is even cheaper than some mobile phones such as iPhone(!), Nokia E7, and almost all variants of HTC touchscreen phones.

It took Microsoft some years to research on 3D motion sensing and this is the great payout. Even though Nintendo had the breakthrough technology when it started the Wii, to stay in the game (literally), Nintendo has begun to cut prices of the Wii Console to a mere 150 USD - cheaper than some tennis racquet; cheaper than some Nike Sports shoes!

If you are an arm-chair general, couch potato, a No Man, or have yet to buy a gym membership, perhaps this is one great investment and reward and life changing chance for yourself. Either buy the Xbox360 Bundled With Kinect, OR using the same money but 3 sets of Wii Console!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Genting Shareholders Get 18GP Points For 2011

Besides Dividend, Genting has another unique way of rewarding their loyal Highlanders.
Shareholders of Genting will get 18GP Genting Points provided that they own the shares on 10th May 2011 or before. The 18 GP will be credited to the member's existing account by 15th June 2011.

The 31st AGM of Genting Malaysia will be held 8th June 2011 at Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning WaysProsperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet

18GP could get you 2 free night's stay at First World Hotel calculated at 7GP per night's stay.
Or 1 free night at the classier Resort Hotel using 16GP.

A buffet lunch at the Restoran Kampong costs a whopping 21GP and at First World Cafe - double of that at 41GP. Punters will likely opt for the hotel stay redemption instead of the costlier glutton's feast.

Genting FAQ About The 18GP Promotion:
First World Hotel Genting Highlands
Resort Hotel Genting Highlands

Genting Worldcard Page:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Property Crisis 2020 Due to Traffic Congestion

Property prices and property investments, as well as new project construction are in the minds of everyone these days. Developers are cashing in on the craze of fearing prices will keep on increasing stemming from an increase in raw materials, construction materials, commodities, sugar(!), petrol and diesel.
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
Perhaps prices will not decrease. Perhaps it will sustain. Or even in a crisis, global economics or personal economics, the seller will hope to sell at least at the price it was first bought over. So ceteris paribus, a 500K condominium will remain to be traded at 500K.

Now is property merely a form of investment? What are the intrinsic reason(s) of buying a property or house? A place to live in. A place to rest. Happy relaxing and cool hideout from the outside world.

Well what if the outside world creeps in like a Bugatti Mat Rempit racetrack?
Or steeping into the outside world is like stepping in a racetrack? Or the opposite way, stepping into an infinite queue of bumpers under the extreme scorching heat of the ultraviolet ozone-depleted-enhanced sunlight of the year 2020?

A property in the middle of the war torn dessert isn't desirable. A home isn't much of a home with horrible commute (wasted) time of 4 hours per day. 4 hours is 16.7% of a full day. A better figure is to calculate the waking hours. Assuming sleep is 8 hours, we are left with 16 hours of work or play. Therefore 4 hours out of 16 hours, a time tax of 25% of our lives!

And even if you could squeeze 2 hours by driving insanely and dangerously fast like a devil whose underwear was stolen, that still amounts to a 12.5% time tax.

If we can complain, moan about personal income tax increase, or petrol price tax, what about time tax? Isn't time priceless? The irony of paying time for trying to get more time.

The government has been trying to create a public transportation makeover by introducing the MRT system. Alas, has any lesson been learnt from the past - not so distant? Everything is disconnected. Here is one very good observance: the escalator and stairways leading up to the heart of the nation's prime transportation hub - KL SENTRAL - number just one. One set of staircase. The monorail is disconnected. Forcing commuters sweaty matinee days - daily. The LRT is disconnected from both the other LRT and Monorail and queuing twice to purchase 2 sets of tickets is not enough mockery. Usually there is only one counter open. One unmotivated staff performing the ticket dispensing, while 100 poor sweaty commuters give up in silence, not unlike those who were subjugated during the not-so-distant wars.

Therefore the day will come, Vision 2020, but alas, would you truly deeply madly want to live in that 1 million ringgit mansion or condominium paying a daily tax of 25% of the time of your life? Not including lung cancer causing pollutants given as a tour package?

AirAsia 1Q2011 Profit 171.9 million ringgit

AirAsia 1st quarter (1Q2011) net profit: 171.9 million ringgit
Last quarter's profit (4Q2010): 313.6 million ringgit

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sale of McDonald's Lunch Meal Down 582 percent

On the 23rd of May 2011, the usual lunch hour crowd targeting McDonald's Lunch Value Meal Combo dropped by 582 percent. While inversely, internet traffic in commercial buildings around Klang Valley surged 283 percent.

According to internet traffic trends consultant, FN Dennis from Bytestopia, this anomaly was due to the yearly Big Sale (Zero Fares or occassionally fairly close to zero cents) by AirAsia. This year's highlight:
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Tokyo (Haneda) for a mere RM 25.10 with No Fuel Surcharge for this route. Including baggage allowance and perhaps a meal, the total return airfare will cost less than RM 100.00.
The chance to launch the three other anticipated destinations - Kathmandu, Maldives and a US city - was not materialised.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bali Nyepi 2012

Bali New Year for 2012 – Balinese “Day of Silence” that falls on Bali’s Lunar New Year. Nyepi is a special Balinese Hindu religious celebration.
It will be held Friday, 23 March 2012.

Adapted from Hendra's "Balinese Experience" post, some highlights:

1) Melasti Ceremony (the day before)
Before the new year, the entire Bali will perform ceremonies to purifying the “spiritual things” which are kept in every temple. Balinese will do it once a year, and thousands of people will heed to the nearest beach, to pray and “clean up the holy things”. My temple in my hometown (Mengwi) will have the same event. So you can join this ceremony with me. We can catch up somewhere in Denpasar first, then go to my village together. After arriving in my temple, we will march from my temple to the beach with hundreds other Balinese. To respect the ceremony, you have to wear Balinese costume too as well, and you can borrow it from me…

2) Ogoh-Ogoh Sighting (the day before, 8am onwards)
One day before the Nyepi Day,there will be the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival (spiritual monsters parade), and before the parade begins on the evening, all ogoh-ogoh will be shown in each banjar (community hall) plus having lunch on the trip. In the morning, we will travel around and see all ogoh-ogoh in various parts of the island. You’ll see the creativity of Balinese art. I know some places that has fantastic ogoh-ogoh monsters since I do it every year. My route will probably like this SANUR>KUTA>SESETAN>PUPUTAN>SUPRATMAN>UBUD> then return.

3) The Parade (the day before, 5pm to midnight)
Since becoming the Sekaa Teruna leader (traditional youngster community) I have the acces to let you join in my community and join the parade from start to end. You will not only see and have photo opportunities of the ogoh-ogoh, but you may participate - use your own shoulder to lift it around the town with thousands of people watching you. If you like music, you can also join my beleganjur team (Balinese marching band) to play traditional music together. After the parade finishes, we can take our scooter and see the dark side of Bali!

4) Nyepi Silent Day (23 March 2012)
Yes we will not see nor do many thing on this day. Just feel the silence and calmness in my small house with my family and dogs. Will no TV or radio programme as the government closes it all. My family will spend time to stay in the house temple; you can join too. I believe religion is universal and all about heart and feeling. Other great experience will come in the night, as I have some access and assuming the role of pecalang (warden) in the night. We can go around my place, keep silent, wear Balinese costume again, and fell how dark is Bali on this night. You even can see the star falling every hour and the star light will be awesome! Because of regulations, only men who can go for the night trip. A good day to reflect on life, people, what you have done or failed, the environment, the sand, the rain, the rain drops on the side of the window pane.

5) Omed-omedan / WetKissing Event (24 March 2012)
Another unique cultural experience that you must see in Bali. The youngsters in the villages will participate in a gathering in the centre of the village, and is up for kissing another person that they like. The elders of the community will sprinkle water onto participants. So it is quite a wet wet kissing ceremony. It sounds strange in writing, but it is truly a traditional event, and participants are happy to preserve the old culture handed down from past generations of Balinese.

Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel Bali Promotion

Saturday, May 21, 2011

AirAsia Big Sale 2012 As Predicted

Yes finally the wait is over. Biggest sale once again during May. Read research, predictions and analysis here:

Almost thought there will be changes since it was already 21st of May, two thirds of the month of May had passed. Perhaps my AirAsia analysis isn't correct this time around? Fortunately it is. And glad those readers and bargain hunters who followed my tips will benefit once more. "Asean for Asean." Saw a huge poster proclaiming just that in Jogjakarta.

Well sharing some budget airfare tips on our favourite airline is my pleasure.
Past tips:
How To Get Cheapest AirAsia Flights
Zero Fares Yearly Promotion Analysis

Contests Roundup:
In short the low-down on the Big Sale:
Booking commences from 23rd May and ends on 29th May 2011.
Travel period from 6th Feb until 20th June 2012.
Prices start from 10 sen (or 1 Thai baht; 300 Rupiah; 3 US or Aussie cents; 2 pence!!)
Even if you have factored and added in all fees, it's still relatively much lower saving 40-80% off nett fares of full service airlines which often don't allow single way booking (they penalise you with a hefty fee).

There are a few NEW AirAsia Destinations that may perhaps be included. They are:
1) Kathmandu, Nepal
2) Maldives
3) A USA city

Join Facebook Page for the Best AirAsia Booking Tips, Hacks, Secrets, Analysis - or just bookmark this blog for Travel Tip updates

What are the big cost components of a holiday, vacation, travel, trip?
1. Airfares - mitigated with AirAsia - plan and book early and follow those tips above.
2. Hotel - Get prices all in one page from
3. Food - bread, fruits, local food, protein bar. Go global, think and eat local. Try something local. Perhaps 1 out of 3 times, you may not be able to eat the food, so share it with a local new friend. Get to experience, ask why is it spicy or taste like this, and how is it made? Perhaps you can even get the recipe of a secret delicious local food, bring it home, and be an entrepreneur and start a food business out of it.
4. Transport - walking, public transport (weight in the pros and cons of bus, taxi, train rides, motorbike taxis, xe om, ojek, song taew, bemo). Going everywhere with taxi is not the cheapest nor fastest sometimes. And sometimes going by taxi is the most efficient. Balance it by researching early. A city may have several central bus stations and they may be located half way around the city (for instance Bangkok or Jakarta) taking 1-2 hours to get from one end to the other.
5. Theft - yes this is also one big cost. Think of getting a travel insurance package. Protect your valuables with lock, secure your DSLR (are you sure you're bringing the 1 ton black monster?!), Asus netbook, and your hard currency. Using credit cards might look cool and can collect points, but some unscrupulous places may swipe and copy your card details - not using them yet - but commit fraud after months; you won't know or can't remember what hit you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AirAsiaX Switches To General Electric

AirAsiaX switches to General Electric engines from Rolls Royce on a US$600 million deal. Perhaps some unusually problematic engine incidence in 2010 experienced by Qantas triggered a review.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Malaysian Lynas Plant Pending Review

The Lynas plant in Pahang state of Malaysia is pending a month-long review after high profile protests by environmentalist, villagers, NGOs highlighted and made clear comparisons to a radioactive chemical disaster that happened some years ago in Bukit Merah in the state of Perak - that resulted in villagers suffering from leukaemia.

Lynas meanwhile has secured another contract to mine for rare earth elements in Malawi.

These rare earth minerals are highly sought-after by new age modern technology - from iPhones, smartphones, netbooks, to hybrid cars. A single Prius Toyota Hybrid car uses 1 kg of neodymium.

What is neodymium? I remember buying a Sony earphone for my Nokia 5310 MP3 phone (my second purchase, the first one is damaged after 2 year's usage) recently. The package highlighted "neodymium speakers". Creating about 9 times the magnetic energy of the barium ferrite magnet, this overwhelming powerful magnet has allowed for the development of ultra-compact speakers.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent rare earth magnet available. The magnets are popular and used for a variety of purposes including medical magnetic therapy, as part of industrial machines, for educational research and science and in household items, cars, speakers and toys.

Meaning of Ponzi Scheme

Named after Charles Ponzi -- who didn’t invent it, but made notorious use of it in the 1920s -- the Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Schemes like this demand a constant flow of money in order to keep going. If the fraudster can’t recruit sufficient new investors, or if a large number of current investors want to cash out, the entire system collapses -- just as it did for Bernie Madoff on December 10, 2008 when his sons told authorities that their father had confessed that the asset-management arm of his firm was “one big lie.” Total loss to investors: $18 billion.

The Hook: Ponzi-scheme organizers ensnare new investors by promising to invest their funds in high-return, low-/no-risk opportunities. Unlike a pyramid scheme, investors don’t have to help bring in new recruits to get paid. And when they make money, they naively assume it’s from successful investments (since the source is never actually disclosed) when in reality, compensation comes from the newer recruits.

Red Flags: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suggests looking out for other warning signs in addition to “high-return, no-risk opportunities” which include overly consistent returns, unregistered investments, unlicensed sellers, secretive and/or complex strategies, issues with paperwork (such as excuses as to why you can’t see something in writing), and difficulty receiving payment.

In the Madoff case, however, many sophisticated investors were duped by the fraudster despite his complicated (in fact, fictional) strategies and secretive manner. Madoff’s “play” was largely based on specific sorts of psychological manipulation, say some experts, which allowed him to gain investors’ trust and thwart would-be efforts to verify his outrageous claims.

Blogger Stats Pageviews by Country

Blogger Stats Pageviews by Country for the past month.
Malaysia 825
Russie 562
Singapore 524
United States 407
Thailand 141
Australia 107
United Kingdom 72
Germany 51
Indonesia 45
Philippines 42

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National Tax Conference 2011 Event of the Year

There will be a National Tax Conference jointly organised by LHDN Malaysia (Inland Revenue Department or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara) and CTIM (Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia) this coming 19th and 20th July 2011 - to be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

This Premier Tax Event of the Year shall focus on the Economic Transformation that is being delivered under the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) with respect to the Role of Taxation.

What I gather is that among all the issues, topics and roles, it shall be the starting point of the GST implementation discussion and steps. It certainly is imminent. A "developed nation" definitely will have the ingredient of GST as part of the national tax regime. Quick reminder: Malaysia has to achieve developed nation status by or on the year 2020 as professed under the Vision 2020 Dream.

Among the topics featured:
ETP - An Update
Liberalisation of Tax Services in a Globalised World: Issues and Challenges
IRBM Transformation: Together Towards Building a High Income Nation
Economic Transformation: Taxation Issues
Tax Cases Update
Compliance and Enforcement Challenges Faced by Regional Tax Authorities
Issues and Concerns Arising From Audits
Transformation from a Corporate Employee to an Internationally Known Chef

Organisers home page:

AirAsia 27.725 Percent Dividend Payout in June

Those investing in AirAsia stock can enjoy some payout very soon. A complex dividend structure will be paid out in June 2011 equating approximately to a 30% payout.

If you still hold AirAsia by 16th June 2011, you'll be entitled to this dividend on 20th June 2011.

Detailed description and calculation of AirAsia's dividend:
(i) Gross Dividend of 9.1% per ordinary share of RM0.10 less Malaysian Income Tax at 25% (9.1 percent X 0.75 = 6.825%);
(ii) Tax Exempt Dividend of 0.2% per ordinary share of RM0.10; and
(iii) Single Tier Dividend of 20.7% per ordinary share of RM0.10.
Tabulation: 6.825% + 0.2% + 20.7% = 27.725%

Par value of AirAsia is RM0.10.
Dividend per 1000 shares = 1000 x RM0.10 x 27.725%
= 27.725 RM

This dividend is for Financial Year Ending 31st December 2010. So indeed last year was a remarkable year for AirAsia. Doubling in equity value.

Monday, May 16, 2011

MMCCorp to soar after listing subsidiaries

MMCCorp plans to list or spinoff its subsidiaries namely, Gas Malaysia, Malakoff and Johor Port.

Listing them will lighten MMC's internal system to focus on their core ETP projects. Essentially the multi-year multi-billion ringgit Kuala Lumpur MRT construction.

Definitely a pick as a stock ready to soar. (NOTE: recently I came across many English typos in the internet writing space, titling - stocks ready to sour! Or perhaps was that their topic, about stocks that are ready to take a great hit and turn into sour tasting grapes?)

Guten Tag AirAsia from Munich

There is a new buzz of a new destination in Europe for AirAsia. Perhaps a first foray into the most powerful economy there Germany. AirAsia Destination: Munich or München.
Munich and the Bavarian Alps (Eyewitness Travel Guides)Rick Steves' Snapshot Munich, Bavaria & SalzburgHorizon Bavaria
Munich Airport is Germany's second largest airport. Munich is home to Bavarian culture. The city welcomes you with "München mag Dich". Munich likes you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kencana Petroleum Set To Soar

Kencana Petroleum is set to soar after favourable announcement to buy Allied Marine and Equipment for RM400million in a solidifying move to become a fully integrated oil and gas powerhouse.

Oil and gas dominates the top 10 US stocks. Currently on Petronas linked stocks dominate in Bursa Malaysia. There is room for others.

Kencana Petroleum coming up with this stratagem to power-up itself amidst all the oil and gas players plus a key RM250million deal with Shell in Sarawak are signs that is is set to soar.

Look out for research and market interest these coming weeks.

Previous Rating by OSK:

A positive upward revision is strongly coming. Adding another 50 sen to 1 RM is a possibility. A nice comparison is Petronas Chemicals. From a starting of RM5 to current price range hovering around RM7.00.

Win A Trip Around The World For Two 2011

This round-the-world trip contest runs for eight weeks–with eight chances to win!
Win a Trip for 2 To See The World 2011

Each Monday, starting May 2nd, we put up some clues to help you guess one destination our Grand Prize winner will visit. Fill in the destination and your vitals and that’s it–you’re entered! On Sunday night we pick a winner for that week. If it’s you, that week’s prize is coming your way and you’re one of the eight who will be in the running for the Grand, First, or Second Prize.

After eight weeks, everyone will know the route and we will pick our winners. The Grand Prize winner gets showered with goodies and starts making plans to travel around the world on us. It’s that easy! Click on the appropriate box to get in on the game.

The Grand Prize winner will receive the following:

* Round-the-world airfare for two from the BootsnAll Travel Network
* A Southeast Asia tour for two from All Points East
* One year of travel insurance from World Nomads
* One-week First Class Eurail passes
* Four hotel nights from Anantara
* Two BRX luggage sets from Briggs & Riley
* Head-to-toe travel clothing from ExOfficio
* One-week rental car in Europe from Auto Europe
* Shoes from Lowa Boots
* $500 in spending money from Transitions Abroad
* Two pairs of Serengeti Eyewear sunglasses with Polar PHD lenses
* A grab bag of useful apps and guidebooks

Here are Your Hosts:
BootsnAll Travel Network is the traveler’s one-stop indie travel guide, which began publishing travel on the web in 1998. is the web home of the Consumer Travel Alliance, which fights in Washington for reform of air travel, rollback of fees and for airline passenger’s rights. provides travelers with inspiration and links to plan their trips. is the home of intrepid traveler John DiScala, who flies more than 150,000 miles a year and provides comprehensive articles about everywhere he goes.
Practical Travel Gear is the top blog for daily reviews of travel gear and travel clothing.
Perceptivel Travel webzine is the home to the best travel stories from wandering book authors. (founded in 1977 as the print magazine) provides articles, resources, and program listings for long-term travelers seeking to work, live, volunteer, or study abroad. is the go-to guide for Southeast Asia, with daily articles and iPhone apps you can download to give you details about any country in their region.
Wanderlust and Lipstick is THE destination for women’s travel including tours, guidebooks and practical information.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

World Car Sales Increase Significance

This morning, I was reading The Edge Singapore writter Assif Shameen comparing the car growth rate in China in 2008 and a "merely 2.8% y-o-y in April" 2011. The report was lamenting the demise of Detroit car industry during climax of the 2008 American Financial Crisis (yes American!). Then the next paragraph was in praise of current growth of 18%.

The fact is these countries, economists, US government, China, Malaysia, trade executives, keep thinking of car sales as a measure of men, or measure of economic growth, superiority, luxury, attainment and more. And reports after reports, seem to back it up so the mere mortals are reading and nodding in agreement, and thinking of ways to buy the next marketed model of Peugeot (because it is trendy now since being declared the top Continental Car Sold for 2010), or trying to outdo the neighbour's Mercedes or the insurance agent's old Volvo - knowingly the 20 year old Volvo's air conditioning has worked for 3 years and the steel cage is just a "fear factor" or "success show piece" to sparkle the eyes of potential insurance sales cash lambs.

Car or vehicle ownership is wrongly matched with economic growth and health benefits. If we extrapolate car ownership to its maximum goal - every citizen in China owns a car. 1.5 billion cars! On and off the road? What is the significance? Even at 50% ownership or say even 30%, it is a catastrophe.

Malaysia's sanctioned policy of masking taxation by populating car ownership funnelled to monopolised constructors and Approved Permits holders (virtually a license to be a monopoly) is a clear example of channelling or focusing on ownership too much, while neglecting the actual meaning of transportation - bringing efficiency, comfort, safety to the citizen's commute time and means - whereby it will be returned as productivity and better health that in turn contributes to the country's coffers, goodwill, and more.

If the billions of money that was spent to create the car ownership industry be put into real transportation needs, taking away the notion and suggestion of car ownership as a measure of success, the citizenry can focus on productivity, lifestyle, culture, health and exercise, home ownership.

A great example is South Korea. Seoul itself has several hundred train stations to serve the commuters. Switzerland too. A typical day in Zurich is waking up, having breakfast, walk 200 metres to the train station, train arrives on the dot at 8:43 AM, brings you to your destination at 8:53 AM, you spend another 5 minutes walk to your office, and 8:58 AM, you're 2 minutes early for work!

What was taken away? 2 hours off the seat of a "lifestyle promising triumphant glory" of a car. In fact, most Swiss would have spent that 1-2 hours in the morning walking their dogs, have a jog around the lakeside pavements, or cycling around the block. A great morning exercise and still have time for some muesli breakfast plus washing the dishes and that Javanese coffee pot.

In Malaysia, alas, this is what the commuters get. 1-2 hours of elevated stress. Twice. Daily. Accumulate that for 5 years, 15 years, it will end up with a unhappily formed stress outcome - high blood pressure, loss of hair, internal organs beginning to get clogged, and perhaps more serious bad health issues. Well the media paints it straight. It is "normal". The colleagues, the people. All have seem to "accept this fact of life". Much as we are told to accept that corruption, Approved Permits are a given and there is nothing you can do about it.

Even taking away all the philosophical and health components and just dwell at the financial outlay.
There is: PETROL - 50-100 RM per week
Maintenance - cost varies.
Safety and Security - Locking Systems, UV Protection, Insurance (theft, terrible driving that has been on the growth path as well as car ownership growth path that gives a higher chance of accidents and potential medical expense.)
Car Loan. 500-1000 RM per month.
Bonus: Recently there is a trend of robbery using the modus operandi of breaking the front passenger seat window to steal the handbag of the car driver.
At minimum (for living in the city) cost of car ownership is at least a thousand ringgit. The Swedish have to pay a supposedly higher tax of perhaps that sum, but in return they will get superior transport system that takes away the accompanying health issues. And the bonus for them is their health system is totally covered. There is zero fees for hospitalisation and seeking medical treatment. This is the other cost in car ownership that we often couldn't see because it was written so we can't see it.

Asus Transformer Honey Comes Video

Awesome Asus Transformer Beats IPAD2

Asus is coming up with a transformer netbook that seems unbeatable from the video preview. The netbook machine virtually transforms into a detachable IPAD-looking-pad. You can take photos of it. Use Google Map. Play touchscreen games on it. Or transform back into the cradle (the keyboard pad) to become a regular in-disguise netbook, with a grin.

Android Honeycomb 3.0 Operating System is resident OS.
It packs a super wow factor. Playing games on the touch screen is like having a virtual ABXY Xbox Gamepad on screen. A further step into the Minority Report world of enhanced input interfacing with our devices.

Built-in are two cameras. One 5 Megapixel front camera (back of casing). And one 1.2 Megapixel camera inwards facing.

Here is a "Friend's" -like short sitcom or micro movie featuring the Transformer. This is Episode 5.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google VS Microsoft With Chromebook

Google has officially stepped into the boxing ring of Operating Systems with the imminent launch of a Chrome OS Netbook by collaborating with bleeding edge technology powerhouse Samsung - giving birth to the aptly named ChromeBook. Essentially a netbook that runs on Chrome Operating System natively.

For years Google has denied trying to muscle into the desktop and just happy being inside the browser window of any virtual machine of a virtual machine. Two layers of virtual machine - ala - first the operating system as the means to the virtual machine of the hardware or as we called the computer. And the layer of internet experience conjured up as the web browser. And Google sits on that 3rd layer as a minimalist webpage - Google Search. The portal to everything, every information, every search, every question and half lazy question. And if you're even lazier or not that literate, Google will even help you fill in the blanks to your (potential) question, correcting any spelling mistakes, and even suggesting "is that French" for the lazied WALL-E era human being zombie.

Has Google been playing it too slow? What with Facebook overtaking it in the mere span of 3 years to become even more popular than Google itself. Should Google had muscled into everything with their power? Such as what happened with Creative in the 90s, trying hard to muscle into CDROM drives, speakers, mp3. What Microsoft did and quite succesfully with XBOX and amazingly mouse/mice and input device - challenging Logitech greatly. Creative lost most of the battle, and holding on to dear XFI sound cards and mp3 players to challenge Apple. Their losing battle is indeed a sad story in the wasteland of technology.

Google should have pushed hard and wide, with the power of their reach, and also the IPO money. Now Facebook will monetize their brand in an IPO and with the same might of money, can perhaps leapfrog Google and more. FacePhone? The phone that does everything Facebook has been doing. Phone, SMS, chat, internet, credit card, payment, Paypal, video, live video capture, photography. Facegle?

GooFace perhaps. But seems it is too late to start with any new social media universe. Facebook is too entrenched into the subconsciousness of the digitally connected post-Global Financial Crisis human. Instead of inventing, perhaps create products all around it. Just like what hundreds of small players creating dongle, devices, speakers, casing for Apple's killer products.

Monday, May 9, 2011

China happy yuan is appreciating

The paradox is when being forced to a seemingly disadvantaged position and being accused of suppressing the power and demand of the yuan, the only way out is to join them. Can't beat the propaganda? Then let go. Zen like. Set free. Give what the opponent wants.

And that is what China had been pushed into doing. Doing it indeed so well and have included it in their 5 year economic plan. Let the yuan rise and appreciate to mitigate potentially rising costs of commodities, and daily commodities like sugar and cooking oil. With a stronger yuan, there is a cushioning effect. Plus the citizenry will feel mature economically and have a better purchasing power, and a means to look forward to the future, and retirement. As well as enjoying their life and perhaps a bit of travelling overseas. Travelling even to the next province 20-30 years ago, wasn't even a luxury for most of the low and average earners. It was perhaps even forbidden.

Now, travelling is something an adventure or a "I've made it" signal that everyone wants to fulfill. With budget carrier AirAsia spearheading the route expansion in China, cities like Hangzhou, Guilin, Tianjin - reap the "reward" of choices of travel.

Inflation happens everywhere globally. And the minor 5% appreciation against the US Dollar has able to cushion some form of the negative effects.

In general, inflation is a double-edged sword. Most common folks would equate inflation in the "bad egg" category. But is it? Inflation will cause prices to rise for goods. But in the macroeconomic sense, inflation is a healthy indicator that the cranks and belts are grinding in the economic machinery that causes enough friction to generate inflation.

Another way to see it is does any country hope or wishes for deflation, supposedly the opposite of inflation? No. Think Japan. One of the most powerful and efficient economy today. Deflation in their economy has been frowned for for years. Prices are depressed downwards. Consumers spend less locally. They still spend alot more compared to foreign countries simply because of their purchasing power parity and magnitude. But not textbook economic enough to propel their growth. And that is another portion of the chase. Economic growth. Although personally I see it as a ridiculous chase that will eventually kill the Earth, every country wants economic growth and usually measured in GDP growth.

So back to inflation. It is also a sort of general sweep tax to all and sundry. Inflation of say the cost of petrol (oil), will affect every level, every person and every system within the country that is having that inflation. Cost of travel be it bus or car will rise. Cost of food and meals will rise because they are transported using those vehicles that in turn uses fossil fuel - petrol and oil.

The last laugh alas is a Chinese laugh. For years the United States propaganda was to discredit China even knowing that it is so much more an arduous task to manage over a billion in population with the majority in the low income group, with facilities and infrastructure that is racing to be upgraded to world standards. And the mockery and criticism of supposedly yuan manipulation broke the camel's back in a zen way. China's economic policy accepted whatever was criticised. Take it. Factored it in the economic data and projection. Accepted it. Then made sure now the YUAN will appreciate.

Love Using AirAsia Then Own It Too

Love flying AirAsia? Love the low fares? The red colour. The money saved! Then start buying AirAsia shares. I have been writing this mantra since the start of blogging. Basically if I like a product - be it a car, fridge, telecommunications company - I'll buy the shares or stocks and literally own part of the company.

So I've been using AirAsia since their Day One. And ever since it was listed, I have been accumulating their shares. Think about the savings I have gained by travelling on AirAsia, then put that money-saved aside. Next, use that money to purchase shares of AirAsia. This completed cycle means you're like a person who has created the chicken-and-egg story but at a superb advantage. Whatever you spent on travelling, you're virtually helping your own company to make profit. Sort of.

Think in terms of car. Honda is a totally remarkable and reliable car company. Buy it. It is a great product that has the lowest rate of repair required. Similarly Asus. The laptop and netbook Taiwanese company, that puts both quality and design in their products winning numerous awards YEARLY. They have been the ones who cut so-called PREMIUM laptop companies such as Sony and IBM, by believing in themselves, giving 2 years warranty for their laptops at a 20-30% lower price than the premium companies. The outcome? Prices moved a notched downwards being more affordable for the masses and then when Asus literally invented the netbook, almost anyone in the middle income group can own and use a computer in the developing world.

AirAsia 2011 Shares Target Price RM3.80

Maintain buy at RM2.87 with an upward revision of target price to RM3.80 from RM3.50: We revise up FY11 earnings by 9.7% after imputing higher passenger load factor, fares, and ancillary income as well as the implementation of a fuel surcharge to offset higher jet fuel prices. We have also increased our FY12/13 earnings forecast by 15% to 20%.

We also upgrade our target price for AirAsia to RM3.80 from RM3.50 per share previously after estimating higher net income for FY11/13. We use the sum-of-parts valuation method to better reflect AirAsia's valuation post listing of AirAsia X, Thai AirAsia and Indonesia AirAsia, and re-rating catalysts from the planned listing.

AirAsia has re-introduced a fuel surcharge for bookings from yesterday due to escalating jet fuel costs which have touched some US$140 (RM415.80) a barrel. To recap, AirAsia abolished its fuel surcharge on Nov 11, 2008, when jet fuel prices dropped to US$80 a barrel. The fuel surcharge will vary between RM10 and RM30, depending on the flight hours.

With this exercise, overall demand for AirAsia flights may be affected, as consumers may switch to competitors. However, we opine that the fuel surcharge is minimal as AirAsia's'' total fare is still one of the lowest and the airline will be able to sustain its market share due to its strong brand name, connectivity, frequency, and the continued strong growth of regional air travel.

The appreciation of the ringgit against the greenback has been providing some cushion against the impact of escalating jet fuel costs, as the fuel is denominated in US dollars.

On April 27 this year, AirAsia announced its maiden gross dividend payout of three sen a share, translating into a net dividend payout of 2.77 sen a share (0.97% net dividend yield). This was in line with our expectations of a possible low dividend payout. Nevertheless, we are positive on the move as it will widen the stock's appeal to investors who are looking for dividend yields (especially pension funds), apart from capital gains. ' Hong Leong Investment Bank.

Первый авиабилет, то гостиница

Первый авиабилет, то гостиница

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brent Oil Down 13% by Algorithmic Trade

Just last week, oil futures dropped the greatest in a week since December 2008. Brent oil was down 13% to US$109.13. What is the significance of this sudden plunge? And how did it happened in the first place?

About two years, I wrote a similar analysis on such anomalies.
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