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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google VS Microsoft With Chromebook

Google has officially stepped into the boxing ring of Operating Systems with the imminent launch of a Chrome OS Netbook by collaborating with bleeding edge technology powerhouse Samsung - giving birth to the aptly named ChromeBook. Essentially a netbook that runs on Chrome Operating System natively.

For years Google has denied trying to muscle into the desktop and just happy being inside the browser window of any virtual machine of a virtual machine. Two layers of virtual machine - ala - first the operating system as the means to the virtual machine of the hardware or as we called the computer. And the layer of internet experience conjured up as the web browser. And Google sits on that 3rd layer as a minimalist webpage - Google Search. The portal to everything, every information, every search, every question and half lazy question. And if you're even lazier or not that literate, Google will even help you fill in the blanks to your (potential) question, correcting any spelling mistakes, and even suggesting "is that French" for the lazied WALL-E era human being zombie.

Has Google been playing it too slow? What with Facebook overtaking it in the mere span of 3 years to become even more popular than Google itself. Should Google had muscled into everything with their power? Such as what happened with Creative in the 90s, trying hard to muscle into CDROM drives, speakers, mp3. What Microsoft did and quite succesfully with XBOX and amazingly mouse/mice and input device - challenging Logitech greatly. Creative lost most of the battle, and holding on to dear XFI sound cards and mp3 players to challenge Apple. Their losing battle is indeed a sad story in the wasteland of technology.

Google should have pushed hard and wide, with the power of their reach, and also the IPO money. Now Facebook will monetize their brand in an IPO and with the same might of money, can perhaps leapfrog Google and more. FacePhone? The phone that does everything Facebook has been doing. Phone, SMS, chat, internet, credit card, payment, Paypal, video, live video capture, photography. Facegle?

GooFace perhaps. But seems it is too late to start with any new social media universe. Facebook is too entrenched into the subconsciousness of the digitally connected post-Global Financial Crisis human. Instead of inventing, perhaps create products all around it. Just like what hundreds of small players creating dongle, devices, speakers, casing for Apple's killer products.

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