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Monday, May 30, 2011

Kinecting Your Daily Life With Xbox360

Recently my brother bought the Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor. There are many hackers who have modified successfully the sensors to operate in a Windows 7 environment, virtually making the live gestures input mode a real-life year 2010 reality, comparable to what Tom Cruise was doing in the movie Minority Report, which was dated as year 2054.

Zooming and rotating images and maps works fluidly in the demonstration above. Remember being impressed when Google Maps allow such zooming and rotating with the mouse? Or how about flicking the smart phone's touch screen effortlessly to change, move, go the next page, pinch and zoom - ala iPhone.

The attractive pricing of the gaming console Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor Bundle includes a free Kinect Adventures game seems unbeatable. At just 300 USD, it is even cheaper than some mobile phones such as iPhone(!), Nokia E7, and almost all variants of HTC touchscreen phones.

It took Microsoft some years to research on 3D motion sensing and this is the great payout. Even though Nintendo had the breakthrough technology when it started the Wii, to stay in the game (literally), Nintendo has begun to cut prices of the Wii Console to a mere 150 USD - cheaper than some tennis racquet; cheaper than some Nike Sports shoes!

If you are an arm-chair general, couch potato, a No Man, or have yet to buy a gym membership, perhaps this is one great investment and reward and life changing chance for yourself. Either buy the Xbox360 Bundled With Kinect, OR using the same money but 3 sets of Wii Console!

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