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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Property Crisis 2020 Due to Traffic Congestion

Property prices and property investments, as well as new project construction are in the minds of everyone these days. Developers are cashing in on the craze of fearing prices will keep on increasing stemming from an increase in raw materials, construction materials, commodities, sugar(!), petrol and diesel.
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
Perhaps prices will not decrease. Perhaps it will sustain. Or even in a crisis, global economics or personal economics, the seller will hope to sell at least at the price it was first bought over. So ceteris paribus, a 500K condominium will remain to be traded at 500K.

Now is property merely a form of investment? What are the intrinsic reason(s) of buying a property or house? A place to live in. A place to rest. Happy relaxing and cool hideout from the outside world.

Well what if the outside world creeps in like a Bugatti Mat Rempit racetrack?
Or steeping into the outside world is like stepping in a racetrack? Or the opposite way, stepping into an infinite queue of bumpers under the extreme scorching heat of the ultraviolet ozone-depleted-enhanced sunlight of the year 2020?

A property in the middle of the war torn dessert isn't desirable. A home isn't much of a home with horrible commute (wasted) time of 4 hours per day. 4 hours is 16.7% of a full day. A better figure is to calculate the waking hours. Assuming sleep is 8 hours, we are left with 16 hours of work or play. Therefore 4 hours out of 16 hours, a time tax of 25% of our lives!

And even if you could squeeze 2 hours by driving insanely and dangerously fast like a devil whose underwear was stolen, that still amounts to a 12.5% time tax.

If we can complain, moan about personal income tax increase, or petrol price tax, what about time tax? Isn't time priceless? The irony of paying time for trying to get more time.

The government has been trying to create a public transportation makeover by introducing the MRT system. Alas, has any lesson been learnt from the past - not so distant? Everything is disconnected. Here is one very good observance: the escalator and stairways leading up to the heart of the nation's prime transportation hub - KL SENTRAL - number just one. One set of staircase. The monorail is disconnected. Forcing commuters sweaty matinee days - daily. The LRT is disconnected from both the other LRT and Monorail and queuing twice to purchase 2 sets of tickets is not enough mockery. Usually there is only one counter open. One unmotivated staff performing the ticket dispensing, while 100 poor sweaty commuters give up in silence, not unlike those who were subjugated during the not-so-distant wars.

Therefore the day will come, Vision 2020, but alas, would you truly deeply madly want to live in that 1 million ringgit mansion or condominium paying a daily tax of 25% of the time of your life? Not including lung cancer causing pollutants given as a tour package?

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