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Thursday, April 14, 2011

AirAsia Inconvenient Truth About Convenience Fee

About 2 years ago, AirAsia won the applause of everyone in the travel industry eliminating all sorts of so-called surcharges that merely add to the final nett price of an air ticket. In short, a transparent price so users, travellers, backpackers, can quickly make an educated guess of the cost of their air passage.

Alas, these fee structure is making an "Empire Strikes Back".
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With effect from 2 November 2009, a Convenience Fee is now applicable for all online payments made via credit, debit or charge cards. Please see below for more details on the fee.

What is Convenience Fee?
A convenience fee is charged when payment is made through credit, debit or charge cards. The fee is charged per guest for each way and only applies to the initial booking. Any changes or addition to existing booking is excluded from the Convenience Fee.The fee is non-refundable.

Why is the fee introduced?
To ensure that our guests are provided a comfortable and safe booking environment AirAsia has invested substantially to expand, implement and maintain our online payment systems and especially, to upgrade, enhance and improve the security features for online credit, debit and charge cards payments. The Convenience Fee is to subsidize the costs of the payment systems.

Are there other payment options which do not attract a Convenience Fee?
Yes, the Convenience Fee does not apply to direct debit payments. (meaning online banking direct deposits)

Initially the Convenience Fee was RM5 for one way. Now it has been raised to RM8.
What is your opinion on this? Would you still fly AirAsia and sweep this minor inconvenient fee under the rug? Or would you want AirAsia to scrap it away or factor the fees into the price of the ticket so it looks a clean slate?


  1. I have never bothered to find out what's convenience fee. Thanks for your explanation here. You're like an ambassador of AirAsia :D

    Btw, why you blog comment doesn't have an option to enter my Name and Web URL?

  2. Hi Shelyn, thanks for the nice words.

    The COMMENT function is provided by Blogger and lets you sign on as "Google Account" so currently it displays your Google Profile instead of Web URL.

    Maybe try the other options on the drop down box. I'm also new with this Comment system while it is certainly more convenient with being automatically set-up. Comparing with my Wordpress blog (Art of Your Mind) which has a lot of spam comments that I find it hard to control!

  3. hmm... can't be... I have a blogspot personal blog and it allows more option than your website.

    It has Name/URL option and Anonymous option. Maybe yours is configured differently. Anyway, never mind.

  4. By the way, my blog has spam problem also until I installed Captcha plugin. You might want to consider implementing Captcha.

  5. Yes I remember leaving comment on yours and able to leave name/web URL.

    So I checked again (blogspot), these options only available for mine (
    1. Google
    2. LiveJournal
    3. Wordpress
    4. TypePad
    5. AIM
    6. OpenID

    I will try to experiment more. Perhaps some setting or the blog Theme. I use the default ones available in the Design page.


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