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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KNM momentum - getting many projects year end 2010

Looking back at my previous write-up on KNM, 28th Sept, (see my previous writeup on KNM by click the KNM label on the right bar) it has thus gained a very powerful momentum almost right after.

19th Nov - KNM gets RM680mil job in Uzbekistan.
25th Nov - KNM profit up 75.7% for the 3 months ended 30th Sept.
13th Dec - KNM join venture with Petrosab Logistik to target oil and gas projects in Sabah.
22nd Dec - KNM secures RM2bil EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning) biomass and waste recycling contract in UK with Peterborough Renewable Energy for 4 years.

Look at the chart below.

NOTE: KNM shares has since been consolidated 4 into 1. My previous article was based on the price of 40 sen when I was writing the article and when it was not consolidated. The chart shows consolidated prices and retrospectively adjusted as well. Meaning the chart shows as 40sen x 4 = RM 1.60

So from that low point of RM1.60, KNM has risen to over RM2.90. Hope you have bought during that period and made your year-end Christmas bonus!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Soon it will be Christmas Day.
Instead of giving handouts, perhaps try Kiva - give responsible micro loans to needy humans all over the world. Can just start this Christmas and 2011. See my Kiva post(s).

Monday, December 20, 2010

Loans that changes lives Denzuke Finance Art of Your Mind Group

Join me and a worldwide community dedicated to make the end of poverty a possibility. Here's my team profile. You choose which community you wish to help by giving them a micro-finance loan starting from just $25 (about $33 SGD or 75 RM). This is a loan to the community and it means you will get the loan amount back.

Essentially this is a very good concept and method in helping end poverty. You are helping but not giving free handouts which sometimes result in inefficiency. For instance, donations to UNDP usually is inefficient because over 90% of the amount donated is spent on logistics, promotional brochures, and salaries of high paying first-world country executives being brought into the third-world country in an expatriate package!
Art of Your Mind - Team Denzuke Finance

I've setup the links above and you can browse first, read all about the steps in giving out the micro-finance. I've also setup a "Team" meaning can track how big my Team is doing, helping others, which communities, how much loan given and returned. It is a nice statistic to view. You know we are always attracted with some statistics, like football or simply how our stocks are faring. So this is great.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Bangkok temperature 23 Celsius today

A very cool day in Bangkok! Was going to my Body Pump class today. The cool air all over kept even non-aircon buses cool. The non-air-conditioned buses normally will have their windows fully opened. But today, most were closed shut!

Vision 2020 Malaysia when everyone has left

Postulating theories and what-ifs is one superior trait human has over animals. Imagination. Yes Einstein said it. Is more important than knowledge. He virtually imagined out how the theory of relativity would worked. And then began to work on it on paper.

So here I am doing a different take on Vision 2020. The year whereby and supposedly all citizens of Malaysia will be truly equal, the country truly developed and everyone living in harmony, and unity.

It will start about 3-5 years before the year 2020. Just somewhat similar to 1997 for Hong Kong. Now, those who have the means and savings to migrate to developed nations like Australia, or being semi-recruited into Asean Scholarship System and thus have a golden path in Singapore had already begun the exodus.

There was a new policy by two giants of the world economy. China and India. After hearing the plight of people with Chinese descent having an unequal footing, China openly invites all who have the blood of the Middle Kingdom to be able to reside in the Mainland. Highly talented scientist, corporate figures, can even reside in bigger cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Those who have ancestries to their "hometown" can own property in their hometown where their forefathers came from. Such as Guangdong province (mainly Cantonese speakers), Shantou (Teochew), Hainan, and various other dialect "tribes".

A similar policy was also offered by India.

These two giants know how invaluable human capital is. China is too huge to have a system akin to Singapore, whereby inviting Europeans or Americans to live and work is possible. Diversity. While maintaining a political status quo. They studied urban civilisation, planning, for years to improve their policy. Not just economics and politics. Social, the environment, sustainability - looking forward to the next 100 years. Not merely 5 years as can be seen in Malaysia.

Property sold by the thousands. Stocks and market equity sold. Even savings or paper money, sold to buy renminbi. Stakes sold in companies.

The proper postulation would leave still a handful of people. But let's assume everyone has left.

1st of January year 2020, there are no more citizens of Chinese nor Indian descent remaining in Malaysia.

What next? What is happening next in 100% Bumiputera Malaysia?
1) For a start, now there is no more Bumiputera discount for properties - which ranged from 7% to 30% - basically property that is subsidised by the non-Bumi citizen. There seem to be no one rejoicing. Because the majority of the low and middle income Bumiputeras are still unable to purchase property whether there was a discount or not to start with. Only the rich elite can.

2) The government revenue drops sharply over the last 3 years. Revenue from the education, printing, business, trading, rubber, steel, alcohol, and the big gambling industry.

3) The policy of inviting Middle Eastern investors and residents is evident and unfortunately the new friction point. The whole prime shopping district in the middle of the city, is virtually owned by the newbies.

4) The policy of inviting immigrants from Indonesia and Singapore (to a lesser extent) of Malay descent and granting them automatic Bumiputera rights the past decade has eroded the actual citizens value. Be it property, creating a lower overall property class - or the richer ones - buying up all prime location while the Bumiputera discount was valid - has created a new chasm in (ah!) economic inequality again.

5) Education level hits extremely low level. Even manufacturing plants have to shut down - lacking skills both technical and managerial skills resulting in lower output, productivity and profitability.

6) Bumiputera equity increased from 30% to 100% of major firms, but lost 90% of their value when foreign investors started selling their shares the last 5 years. Growth and profitability keeps sinking.

7) Approved Permits are virtually useless and worthless - where once there were worth 35 000 RM each for automotive imports. Many of those AP holders had already left the country with their millions of wealth, living a life of luxury in London, Australia and Switzerland.

8) The business model of "Ali and Baba" goes into a downward spiral. "Ali" waits for "Ali". There is no more "Baba" to do the actual job. Contracts stagnant. Demand declines. Offices close. Random crimes increasing from lack of job, salary, and uncertainty.

There will be a clear eye opener for politics and alas, finally the lay Bumiputera person, can see why the policies are wrong all the way. There were never putera in the first place nor the current place. It was just but an illusion.

Here's a summary of the future by Patrick Teoh.

THE ABOVE POSTULATION may sound a bit harsh. It is after all, imagination from bits and pieces of daily struggle that many people encounters everyday that I came across in Malaysia. One Korean traveller asked why the monorail does not connect to the KL Central transportation hub whereby it is just another 200 metres away. Well now kindly use your imagination.

EDMI - electronic revenue meters

There was a request to review this company by a reader of my blog.

Essentially this company seems to have quite a good growth record. Earnings and dividends both up exponentially. The company specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of metering devices used by electricity providers. Electronic revenue meters used by the utilities company.

It seems quite a pretty promising venture. This company even won an award given by SAP - Best SAP Business All-In-One Implementation Project.

The current price is around 30 cents. Up over 45 percent from a year ago. Well alot of shares too have doubled up after the Global Financial Crisis. They have some onward growth market going in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

A view of their corporate site -

Part 2 Losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks

A few more thing to add to my previous article on losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks.
1) I took Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with water about 3-5 times each day. Also at times with carrot juice. I bought this carrot juice called Harvey Fresh 100% Carrot Juice. 100% Australian Owned.
Well that's what stated in the box patriotic pride for the Aussies. It is very good and tasty. Taste is carrot-y. Compared to all sorts of juices out there, and brands AND content, you know many of those juice sellers are putting alot of extra sugar, glucose, orange juice, apple juice or from concentrate. So I really like this brand and the contents. No added stuff.

2) Everyday I made a glass of Tie Guan Yin chinese tea. I added water through the day. Sometimes I will fill it onto my water bottle (Oishi Genmai Green Tea bottle, I re-use the bottle) then bring it to the gym. At the gym I just mix more water. SO it is mild but have some properties of the chinese tea. Tie Guan Yin is supposed to great at absorbing or limiting the effects of fatty food. That's one reason it is always on the table in dim sum restaurants. Well normally dim sum places offers 3 types of chinese tea. This one is definitely the best in neutralising the effects of fatty food.

3) Every three days or so, I do an hour of Thai foot massage. This method of passive exercise and pseudo-acupuncture is therapeutic. If done right, the technique performed will help to stimulate the glands, internal organs, and vitals of our body that sometimes are "asleep". Depending on the person doing the massage for you, some will do very strong deep muscle long kneading. I like this best. And some will use alot of the wooden apparatus to trigger the massage points. The top of my ankles are pretty weak, I think. And in general, the area surrounding my ankles. So massaging there gives a nice feeling. I have flat feet that presumably have been affecting my health such as balance, abnormal balancing of body weight, fallen arches, and misalignment of some bones in the legs. Well that is a whole story altogether.

So that's the sum of all the routine I've been doing the past 2 weeks to do battle with fat invaders. They are not invaders now. They have been squatters! So now have to bulldoze, demolish, get them out. One by one.

If you haven't tried Body Pump, go for it once.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

AirAsia placing bets on 80 million in Philippines

AirAsia Malaysia = 25 million customers
AirAsia Thailand = 68 million customers
AirAsia Indonesia = 230 million customers

And now targeting the Philippines = 92 million potential passengers
Imagine AirAsia operating domestic flights within the archipelago.

Then next, surely it will be Vietnam with a large population and strategic cities.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks

3000 grams divided by 14 days. That is an average of 214 grams per day.

The age old topic of losing weight or more correctly, losing fat. This was my awakening. After I gained over 8 kgs in 6 months. And 5 kg in the last 2.5 months. So I had to do a few things about it. So 1st of December, I checked my weight (well I was very upset!) and started.

One was cutting all sources of sugar and big carbohydrates. They make me feel sleeping at after lunch time. So cutting these, made me feel so much more energised. I substituted my meals or food with more protein. Pretty much raw protein from eggs and chicken. Two to three eggs in a bowl, and microwave-d. Checking every 10 seconds and stirring. I used some Maggi seasoning on it. Tastes great. Instead of the meal set, I opted for 2 pieces of chicken in KFC. Then changed also well to chicken strips at the market. Some canned tuna. Also I used bak choy. First chopped them into little pieces. Then put them on a bowl. Then pour hot water over it. It is bland yes, but eating with the fried chicken balances both way. I had some papaya intermittently, and also guava. And kiwi. And one packet of potato chips!

Next is exercise. I had been going to the Body Pump class a week before about 4 times. So I ramped up that with daily Body Pump classes, in the morning (10:45am) and 12 noon classes. Some jogging on the treadmill. About 15 minutes. Some times I do some light weight machines 10 times each randomly. I am not such a great gym user. Then 10 minutes jogging before the class. And after. Some days nil. Just purely class.

The class is awesome. It makes you pumped up with the music. An average tune these days range from 4-5 minutes. For example. the bicep workout. You'll be doing some very slow counts like 3 up, and 1 down. Or 2 by 2. 2 counts up and 2 counts down. Or singles, 1. Down. 2. Down. 3. Down. The music keeps you motivated. The trainer too. After the song, you would have done over 50 repetitions (or reps in gym talk!). I never ever done more than 10 each time if I do my random exercise. And very haphazard 3 sets if any. So the class really keeps me disciplined.

There are 2 more weeks to go. So my target is another 2-3 kg of fat. Off.

Hap Seng Bollinger Bands

Look at this Bollinger Bands chart for Hap Seng. From $2.80 went up to $5.20. How is that possible?
Bollinger On Bollinger Bands - The Seminar, DVD I

This "tip" was supposedly possible using detailed charting and rules to "catch" the trend. Has anyone done this or have experience using such tools such as from Chartnexus?

Monday, December 13, 2010

AirAsia starts Tunetalk in Thailand

Yesterday there was a news that Tony Fernandez was in Bangkok. And as usual, he doesn't travel for holidays. He was here for business. The business. TuneTalk is starting up a Mobile Virtual Network Operator concession from the state-run TOT. License has already been given by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Now Everyone Can Talk is the tagline.

Their targets are very high.
1) Providing 3G wireless broadband on behalf of TOT on 13th January 2011.
2) One Sim Card, one flat calling rate throughout the region.
3) 500 000 subscribers within 18 months
4) 1 million customers by 2012
5) Average revenue per user 150-200 Baht
6) Breakeven is at 500 000 customers.
7) MVNO Sim to be sold on AirAsia planes. Customers can redeem TuneTalk points for free AirAsia flights.

Certainly hope I can get to try it out in Thailand in January. And I might be hoping for the skies. But here's what on my mind:
1) A Sim card that can be used (perhaps) throughout Asean.
2) Validity is limitless or 1 year so users can keep using and holding the same number.
3) Usage throughout Asean will have similar costs instead of current high roaming charges.

A World Without Oil National Geographic

Try to use your imagination. Use your illusion. Picture ...

A World Without Oil - by National Geographic. I just saw it last night.

Human civilisation would crumple in less than a year when there is no oil. The exponential shift in civilization, warfare, politics, economics, healthcare, transportation, virtually any genre, field, or sector - is fuelled literally by oil.

Lipsticks? Yes made from oil which includes most cosmetics.

Antihistamine? Yes made from oil. Sniff sniff!

Shoes ladies and men? Yes made from oil. Equally guilty Gucci or Jimmy Choo.

Detergent and disposable diapers? Yes, a baby is guilty of being an oil consumer as soon as the day of independence.

Toothpaste - yes and perhaps a deep YES for those who hate to brush their teeth.

Insecticides and repellant - yes.

Lubricant for the car, for machinery - yes oil.

Refrigerators - yes the demise of CFC doesn't make you greener.

And a whole bunch of other "stuff"! Virtually every other thing you may be in contact with will have a ingredient coming from oil or petroleum.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is that ideology important enough to kill each other over

This is a quote from the Korean war movie Tae Guk Gi:
Is that ideology important enough to kill each other over?
The starving soldiers asked their commander.

Then next quote is poignant. Literally the lay person's lamentation of why is there such a war in the first place.
"We fought against Japan to save our country, but what is this one for?"

Tony Fernandes Businessman of the Year by Forbes

Tony Fernandes is Forbes Asia’s Businessman of the Year

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 DECEMBER 2010 – AirAsia Group CEO Tony Fernandes has been named Forbes Asia’s Businessman of the Year.

Fernandes is the first Malaysian and Southeast Asian to receive the award. The hugely popular icon of aviation is credited for democratizing air travel in the region and for growing a Malaysian company into a highly successful global brand. Forbes Asia’s editor, Tim Ferguson, said in a press release, “The competition was tough, including from leaders of Forbes Asia’s Fabulous 50 companies. Although several mainland Chinese entrepreneurs fully came into their own this year, in general they are still excelling in a single national market that is subject to domestic booms and busts. Fernandes is expanding his business outward.”

Fernandes has transformed Asia’s travel landscape since taking over the then loss-making AirAsia in 2001. He redefined air travel by sticking true to AirAsia’s slogan of “Now everyone can fly.” He offered low fares coupled with premium products and services, a hit combination that has attracted guests from across the socio-economic spectra. AirAsia has, in less than nine years, flown more than 100 million guests, many of whom never dreamed that they could one day afford to fly. Since taking over the helm, he turned the airline into Asia’s biggest low-cost carrier and expanded its base from Malaysia to across the Asean region, home to 600 million people. He grew AirAsia phenomenally fast - it now has 140 routes to 23 countries, a fleet of close to 100 and a staff that is 8,000-strong. Aside from connecting communities in the Asean region and neighboring Asian countries, AirAsia also connects the region to, through low-cost long-haul affiliate AirAsia X, more destinations in Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, boosting national economies through travel and tourism. Fernandes’ businesses share the underlying philosophy of “serving the underserved.” His other business interests, which operate under the umbrella of Tune Group, include Tune Hotels, Tune Money, Tune Talk, Tune Sports, Tune Tones, Tune Studios and Kuala Lumpur Education City (KLEC). KLEC is bringing into Malaysia Epsom College, which is one of the UK’s premier boarding schools. He is the team principal of Lotus Racing F1 team. Fernandes also founded the Asean Basketball League, which is the first professional basketball league in the Asean region.

The full Forbes Asia article on Fernandes’ receipt of the Businessman of the Year award is available online at and in the magazine’s December 2010 issue on newsstands.

I wonder what happened to the original TuneAir people? The lazy ones who were hoping the company would go bust and waiting for a government rescue aka. handout or bailout.

AirAsia ChCh 11000 seats snapped up in 2 hours

Heard from a big bird, the CEO of AirAsia X himself that 11000 seats from KUL to CHC were snapped up in 2 hours. If basing on the lowest fare of 200 RM per seat, that would be an instant gross revenue of 2.2 mil. Note that the return leg of an international flight usually will be priced higher and at the destination currency. Here it is NZD.

Julian Assange wins Nobel Peace Prize?

There was a cover-up in Watergate. Then a pardon to a criminal ex-president. How unfair the world is? Yes. Then elected twice a war criminal as president. Plus hundreds years of free labour, wonder how this country could have the cheek to keep saying they are correct.

Only recent years, a US warplane "accidentally" knocked down another sovereign country plane in that country's airspace. No action taken. Well if that were to happen even close to US airspace, a war will be declared and millions of bombs laid on poor farmers again - ala Laos and Vietnam.

I haven't read any US President apologising for their military and egoistic defeat in those countries.

In recent years too, a bunch of Laotian anti-government group were arrested. They were funded by USA to create terror to Laos. Now since terror groups are outlawed, they were arrested. Imagine how shell-shocked those bunch of puppets were. Ditto to what one side of the Iran-Iraq war Santa Claus felt.

Therefore why shouldn't Julian Assange win the Nobel Peace Prize? With these wrongdoing information given to public, the wrongdoer country cannot stomach it and cannot contain it, and there is no Black Ops, Bourne Ultimatum, ThreadStone to go over.

With these publications, it is perhaps possible to show the insane nature of some US government policies. Canal, Contra, Watergate, WMD, Vietnam, Agent Orange.

Really hoping for the day, Thai people could visit USA for R and R, and paying 1 baht to 30 USD exchange rate.

AirAsia to Christchurch finally

AirAsia has finally beaten the unbeaten track. Flights from South East Asia to Christchurch, New Zealand. Almost all major airlines do not fly into this secondary airport in the Southern Island of NZ. They prefer Auckland because of capacity, population, commercial and business centre prospects.

The only airline that was doing direct flights was Singapore Airlines.

So now finally, AirAsia is opening a new floodgate.
1) The first budget airline to get into CHCH.
2) No MAS (Malaysia Airlines) flights into CHCH. Therefore, no undercutting by MAS.
3) Potentially boosting throughput at KLIA-LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) - with travellers opting to use AirAsia therefore making a stopover in LCCT.

Previously, travellers from say Thailand, Cambodia, even Malaysia, will have to to be funnelled into Changi Airport before boarding their direct flight using Singapore Airlines. Now, they will be naturally funnelled into LCCT to CHCH.

For 200 RM (80 SGD) one way to CHCH, it might even lure Singapore based travellers to take the short flight now to LCCT! So finally, after years of sitting closely and watching airplanes and tourists dollars literally flying into the Republic of Singapore, finally, some tourists dollars will land on Malaysia shores. The irony of it is the government had been totally unhelpful to AirAsia for years, by blocking routes and helping MAS indirectly and directly.

Very similar protectionism in the car industry whereby Proton is being protected, that simply doesn't help the nation and citizens.

On average the cost of a high quality imported Japanese car is 50000 RM. But due to protectionist system in place, the price is over 100000 RM. While the cost of a locally assembled "national" car, perhaps should cost less than the Japanese car - say 25000 RM. But is artificially jacked-up to 50000 RM. As you can see, the sum of it is the citizen loses by paying more for an inferior quality car (and sacrificing safety).

The car industry should not have been implemented in the first place. As you know, what you never had you will never miss. Now the "addiction" is there. Everyone has a need to own a car. It is not The Need For Speed, but The Need To Own. And alas, the 2 other important criteria to make a car-owning system works - 1) better safer larger roads and traffic system
2) better safer larger connected public transportation system

So there you go. Two classic cases of protectionism gone wrong. And perhaps into a few politicians pocket and bank account.

Unbeatable stock picks still hold

The common question in investment is what are the safest unbeatable stocks pick please?

If you bought Genting Singapore at 2.00 recently (see previous articles), you would have gained roughly 14 cents or 7% return in a week.

The other unbeatable stock - Singtel was trading at close to $3.00.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dangers of quantitative easing

Quantitative easing is an inefficient way to prop up the economy. In short, the process moves hot money into the economy directly, hoping it will generate jobs and have a multiplier effect. Jobs creating jobs.

The age-old example by Keynes is this: take all the gold bullion in the Treasury, get 50 trucks to transport them across the country, then use diggers to dig up 100 feet deep and bury the gold inside. Then seal it. Then get another group of contractors to use train or trucks to dig out the gold, and move them back into the Treasury vault.

The whole process is supposed to create jobs for the truckers. Jobs for managers. Jobs for insurance company to insure the cargo of gold. Jobs for coffee makers. Jobs for tyre. Jobs for petrol station. Jobs for burger flippers.

So fast forward to Quantitative Easing 2, in the year 2010. How will it be performed and why is it inefficient? This cartoon below will dispel the clouds. You will learn why QE2 is not that great for the US economy. Why the Fed is not being respected. Why Goldman Sachs seems to be untouchable as a financial institution in a very wrong sense.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

AirAsia now everyone can invest

AirAsia's mantra of "Now Everyone Can Fly" is a powerful creed that touches everyone's heart and longing to go above the clouds. Everyone here of course means the average person and below. The middle-income. The backpacker. The one that could afford full fare commercial airline - but will "lose" several months of saving. Now Everyone Can Fly is a short sentence that truly touches Asian hearts. Well, at least we know in Asia, we have the biggest population of middle and low income folks. And on average, the supremacy of a foreign country such as Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro - will always cast a shadow on an average Asian's disposable income.

The truly elusive question and litmus test is: which country can I travel to that allows my 1 unit of currency to equal 5 times of theirs? Or 3 times. Or just 2 times. None. But an Australian can be wondering (happily) the amount of food costs in say Thailand with the equivalent of a lunch in Australia that typically costs 9 AUD (270 Baht). An average Thai meal costs 50 Baht. Or 100 Baht at a equivalent Subway sandwich bar. Wow.. amazing my currency gives me 3 meals here in Asia.

So which average Thai person can "savour" the "money power" if they may have it? Let's try. Let's transport him to Indonesia. Average meals cost 20 000 Rupiah (75 Baht). That's same or more than average. Let's go to Vietnam. Supposed to also cheaper since their GDP and GNP is lower. Nope. A bowl of pho noodles costs 40 Baht. Try India. Try Laos (prices are in DOLLARS!). None. Try Zimbabwe. You won't want to visit there for a holiday would you? So Australians, you are lucky b-tards!

So the average Asian will still be average. There's no tripling of the power of your savings when travelling. Alas, this is the truth.

But one thing perhaps if you can notice how AirAsia could let you fly for the cost of a bus fare to the next pronvince, wouldn't it mean it is potential investment you can put your savings into and hoping it will triple like what the Australians magically hold in their bank savings account?

I guess if now everyone can fly, then now everyone can invest. In AirAsia.
It is definitely a no brainer to buy an airticket that costs the same bus fare from Phuket to Bangkok. And thus it is a no-brainer too to invest in the stocks of AirAsia.
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