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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KNM momentum - getting many projects year end 2010

Looking back at my previous write-up on KNM, 28th Sept, (see my previous writeup on KNM by click the KNM label on the right bar) it has thus gained a very powerful momentum almost right after.

19th Nov - KNM gets RM680mil job in Uzbekistan.
25th Nov - KNM profit up 75.7% for the 3 months ended 30th Sept.
13th Dec - KNM join venture with Petrosab Logistik to target oil and gas projects in Sabah.
22nd Dec - KNM secures RM2bil EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning) biomass and waste recycling contract in UK with Peterborough Renewable Energy for 4 years.

Look at the chart below.

NOTE: KNM shares has since been consolidated 4 into 1. My previous article was based on the price of 40 sen when I was writing the article and when it was not consolidated. The chart shows consolidated prices and retrospectively adjusted as well. Meaning the chart shows as 40sen x 4 = RM 1.60

So from that low point of RM1.60, KNM has risen to over RM2.90. Hope you have bought during that period and made your year-end Christmas bonus!

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