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Monday, December 13, 2010

AirAsia starts Tunetalk in Thailand

Yesterday there was a news that Tony Fernandez was in Bangkok. And as usual, he doesn't travel for holidays. He was here for business. The business. TuneTalk is starting up a Mobile Virtual Network Operator concession from the state-run TOT. License has already been given by the National Telecommunications Commission.

Now Everyone Can Talk is the tagline.

Their targets are very high.
1) Providing 3G wireless broadband on behalf of TOT on 13th January 2011.
2) One Sim Card, one flat calling rate throughout the region.
3) 500 000 subscribers within 18 months
4) 1 million customers by 2012
5) Average revenue per user 150-200 Baht
6) Breakeven is at 500 000 customers.
7) MVNO Sim to be sold on AirAsia planes. Customers can redeem TuneTalk points for free AirAsia flights.

Certainly hope I can get to try it out in Thailand in January. And I might be hoping for the skies. But here's what on my mind:
1) A Sim card that can be used (perhaps) throughout Asean.
2) Validity is limitless or 1 year so users can keep using and holding the same number.
3) Usage throughout Asean will have similar costs instead of current high roaming charges.

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