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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Julian Assange wins Nobel Peace Prize?

There was a cover-up in Watergate. Then a pardon to a criminal ex-president. How unfair the world is? Yes. Then elected twice a war criminal as president. Plus hundreds years of free labour, wonder how this country could have the cheek to keep saying they are correct.

Only recent years, a US warplane "accidentally" knocked down another sovereign country plane in that country's airspace. No action taken. Well if that were to happen even close to US airspace, a war will be declared and millions of bombs laid on poor farmers again - ala Laos and Vietnam.

I haven't read any US President apologising for their military and egoistic defeat in those countries.

In recent years too, a bunch of Laotian anti-government group were arrested. They were funded by USA to create terror to Laos. Now since terror groups are outlawed, they were arrested. Imagine how shell-shocked those bunch of puppets were. Ditto to what one side of the Iran-Iraq war Santa Claus felt.

Therefore why shouldn't Julian Assange win the Nobel Peace Prize? With these wrongdoing information given to public, the wrongdoer country cannot stomach it and cannot contain it, and there is no Black Ops, Bourne Ultimatum, ThreadStone to go over.

With these publications, it is perhaps possible to show the insane nature of some US government policies. Canal, Contra, Watergate, WMD, Vietnam, Agent Orange.

Really hoping for the day, Thai people could visit USA for R and R, and paying 1 baht to 30 USD exchange rate.

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