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Monday, December 20, 2010

Loans that changes lives Denzuke Finance Art of Your Mind Group

Join me and a worldwide community dedicated to make the end of poverty a possibility. Here's my team profile. You choose which community you wish to help by giving them a micro-finance loan starting from just $25 (about $33 SGD or 75 RM). This is a loan to the community and it means you will get the loan amount back.

Essentially this is a very good concept and method in helping end poverty. You are helping but not giving free handouts which sometimes result in inefficiency. For instance, donations to UNDP usually is inefficient because over 90% of the amount donated is spent on logistics, promotional brochures, and salaries of high paying first-world country executives being brought into the third-world country in an expatriate package!
Art of Your Mind - Team Denzuke Finance

I've setup the links above and you can browse first, read all about the steps in giving out the micro-finance. I've also setup a "Team" meaning can track how big my Team is doing, helping others, which communities, how much loan given and returned. It is a nice statistic to view. You know we are always attracted with some statistics, like football or simply how our stocks are faring. So this is great.

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