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Monday, December 13, 2010

A World Without Oil National Geographic

Try to use your imagination. Use your illusion. Picture ...

A World Without Oil - by National Geographic. I just saw it last night.

Human civilisation would crumple in less than a year when there is no oil. The exponential shift in civilization, warfare, politics, economics, healthcare, transportation, virtually any genre, field, or sector - is fuelled literally by oil.

Lipsticks? Yes made from oil which includes most cosmetics.

Antihistamine? Yes made from oil. Sniff sniff!

Shoes ladies and men? Yes made from oil. Equally guilty Gucci or Jimmy Choo.

Detergent and disposable diapers? Yes, a baby is guilty of being an oil consumer as soon as the day of independence.

Toothpaste - yes and perhaps a deep YES for those who hate to brush their teeth.

Insecticides and repellant - yes.

Lubricant for the car, for machinery - yes oil.

Refrigerators - yes the demise of CFC doesn't make you greener.

And a whole bunch of other "stuff"! Virtually every other thing you may be in contact with will have a ingredient coming from oil or petroleum.

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