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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Losing 3kg of fat in 2 weeks

3000 grams divided by 14 days. That is an average of 214 grams per day.

The age old topic of losing weight or more correctly, losing fat. This was my awakening. After I gained over 8 kgs in 6 months. And 5 kg in the last 2.5 months. So I had to do a few things about it. So 1st of December, I checked my weight (well I was very upset!) and started.

One was cutting all sources of sugar and big carbohydrates. They make me feel sleeping at after lunch time. So cutting these, made me feel so much more energised. I substituted my meals or food with more protein. Pretty much raw protein from eggs and chicken. Two to three eggs in a bowl, and microwave-d. Checking every 10 seconds and stirring. I used some Maggi seasoning on it. Tastes great. Instead of the meal set, I opted for 2 pieces of chicken in KFC. Then changed also well to chicken strips at the market. Some canned tuna. Also I used bak choy. First chopped them into little pieces. Then put them on a bowl. Then pour hot water over it. It is bland yes, but eating with the fried chicken balances both way. I had some papaya intermittently, and also guava. And kiwi. And one packet of potato chips!

Next is exercise. I had been going to the Body Pump class a week before about 4 times. So I ramped up that with daily Body Pump classes, in the morning (10:45am) and 12 noon classes. Some jogging on the treadmill. About 15 minutes. Some times I do some light weight machines 10 times each randomly. I am not such a great gym user. Then 10 minutes jogging before the class. And after. Some days nil. Just purely class.

The class is awesome. It makes you pumped up with the music. An average tune these days range from 4-5 minutes. For example. the bicep workout. You'll be doing some very slow counts like 3 up, and 1 down. Or 2 by 2. 2 counts up and 2 counts down. Or singles, 1. Down. 2. Down. 3. Down. The music keeps you motivated. The trainer too. After the song, you would have done over 50 repetitions (or reps in gym talk!). I never ever done more than 10 each time if I do my random exercise. And very haphazard 3 sets if any. So the class really keeps me disciplined.

There are 2 more weeks to go. So my target is another 2-3 kg of fat. Off.

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