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Saturday, May 21, 2011

AirAsia Big Sale 2012 As Predicted

Yes finally the wait is over. Biggest sale once again during May. Read research, predictions and analysis here:

Almost thought there will be changes since it was already 21st of May, two thirds of the month of May had passed. Perhaps my AirAsia analysis isn't correct this time around? Fortunately it is. And glad those readers and bargain hunters who followed my tips will benefit once more. "Asean for Asean." Saw a huge poster proclaiming just that in Jogjakarta.

Well sharing some budget airfare tips on our favourite airline is my pleasure.
Past tips:
How To Get Cheapest AirAsia Flights
Zero Fares Yearly Promotion Analysis

Contests Roundup:
In short the low-down on the Big Sale:
Booking commences from 23rd May and ends on 29th May 2011.
Travel period from 6th Feb until 20th June 2012.
Prices start from 10 sen (or 1 Thai baht; 300 Rupiah; 3 US or Aussie cents; 2 pence!!)
Even if you have factored and added in all fees, it's still relatively much lower saving 40-80% off nett fares of full service airlines which often don't allow single way booking (they penalise you with a hefty fee).

There are a few NEW AirAsia Destinations that may perhaps be included. They are:
1) Kathmandu, Nepal
2) Maldives
3) A USA city

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What are the big cost components of a holiday, vacation, travel, trip?
1. Airfares - mitigated with AirAsia - plan and book early and follow those tips above.
2. Hotel - Get prices all in one page from
3. Food - bread, fruits, local food, protein bar. Go global, think and eat local. Try something local. Perhaps 1 out of 3 times, you may not be able to eat the food, so share it with a local new friend. Get to experience, ask why is it spicy or taste like this, and how is it made? Perhaps you can even get the recipe of a secret delicious local food, bring it home, and be an entrepreneur and start a food business out of it.
4. Transport - walking, public transport (weight in the pros and cons of bus, taxi, train rides, motorbike taxis, xe om, ojek, song taew, bemo). Going everywhere with taxi is not the cheapest nor fastest sometimes. And sometimes going by taxi is the most efficient. Balance it by researching early. A city may have several central bus stations and they may be located half way around the city (for instance Bangkok or Jakarta) taking 1-2 hours to get from one end to the other.
5. Theft - yes this is also one big cost. Think of getting a travel insurance package. Protect your valuables with lock, secure your DSLR (are you sure you're bringing the 1 ton black monster?!), Asus netbook, and your hard currency. Using credit cards might look cool and can collect points, but some unscrupulous places may swipe and copy your card details - not using them yet - but commit fraud after months; you won't know or can't remember what hit you.

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