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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How To Get Cheapest AirAsia Flights

AirAsia's online booking system is indeed very fast and has improved tremendously through the years. Imagine increasing their planes to over 100 in a span of 10 years. Each plane can carry at least 100 passengers. Multiply that to the number of flights per day (100 planes x 100 seats x 100 flights) = 1 000 000 per day?

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With some further researching, I found they have 697 flights per day. So using that number omitting the number of planes (because each plane is irrelevant, some might be on the air for 2-3 routes, some even more so the essential number is the total number of flights per day): 697 flights x 100 passengers = 697 000 passengers. This number is not full capacity. But a good bell curve average.

It is possible to get the cheapest or lowest AirAsia fares if some research and preparation is made:
45 RM fare to Bali, Indonesia. That is lower than the cost of the bus fare to Singapore.

Firstly, when AirAsia announces their Zero Fares or Super Low Fares, 1 RM Fares, Promotion(s) be aware before it is announced. To find out more about when these super low fares are announced, read my analysis here:

Next, as this is an online system, AirAsia keeps some record of "members". Therefore sign-up before hand. Fill in your details, address, name and other essentials.

As soon as the AirAsia Promotional Fares are announced, you have a head start. Log-in and start looking for your low fares. And this means you have to be mentally prepared, have checked your calendar for the best holiday duration, and made notes when and where, you can do the trip.

Once you've chosen the desired destination and date, the system will bring you to the page that you need to fill up more details. If you're flying, then click "I'm the traveller" - so those essential information are automatically copied.
Super Tip: To save more time, you can omit typing the passport number and issuing country. This is not a compulsory required field.

Next, AirAsia will want to up-sell some products which include Insurance. Click Cancel to forgo this. As well as Seat Selection. These "slow down trap" may make you stuck in choosing seats or considering about the benefits of Travel Insurance. Do this way before the date of booking. As I said earlier, mental preparation much earlier - if you are a frequent traveller, you should have bought a yearly Travel Insurance Policy usually about 300-350 RM for a full year's coverage.

Next Super Tip: You can forgo booking the baggage allowance to save more time. Once you've booked the flight and secured the booking number, you may return back to the AirAsia booking page to add the baggage allowance. This will save shave a few more thinking time - which is essential. If you're new to AirAsia you might be wondering why? If you've used the online booking before, and especially during Super Promotion Fares, you will know and dread the "system time-out" situation - mainly due to network congestion and when the booking system servers sense that your computer is not interacting so fast or constant with the server, you connection or in computer terms "handshake" will be offloaded from being linked to the system.

Now you're almost there at the finalising pages. If you would like to save paying the Convenience Fee (approx 1.5 USD, or 5 RM per route, so essentially 10 RM for both ways), you have to have a local Malaysian Bank Account that has online payment capacity - such as Maybank, Public Bank. For Thailand, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB).

Else, prepare your credit card in advance. If your bank has a practise of putting security at the forefront to combat problems with credit card fraud, inform them early you will be buying some products or services online and get a verification that you are flagged to do so.

Most Visa cards now implement the Verified By Visa Online Authentication Process, which is linked to a server in Australia. Make sure you have already obtained and created your access username and online password prior to making the AirAsia booking(s). Also, if you're at a location with weak internet or possibly laws that may prohibit internet usage freely, make sure it is able and allowed to connect to Australia and specifically

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  1. Update: The Long Haul flights operated by AirAsiaX will start their BIG SALE campaign on 1st March. Expect heavy discounts or close to zero prices for destinations such as Paris, Hangzhou, Perth, Christchurch, Seoul, Tokyo.

  2. i have a question about luggage, which means i should buy the luggage later after purchasing the ticket right? to even save the processing time.

  3. HI Pauline, yes that is my suggestion - to book the luggage later on. This will save time during the crucial booking stage. During the promotion campaign, there are thousands of other users wanting to book flights and the server sometimes will get disconnected if we're "idling" too long. As long as you've booked with your name, and paid - then later on you include Add-On such as luggage, insurance, seat selection, meals. If you've booked a great deal, feel free to share it here! Good luck.

  4. Many airlines offering cheap flights for Asian people because that is huge market some companies are targeting only to provide cheap ticket to pakistan and some are targeting India's market.

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