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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Suvarnabhumi Bangkok BKK Airport Review

IATA Airport Code: BKK
Airport Tax: 700 Baht (30 Singapore Dollars)
Internet or Wifi: Expensive over 150 Baht per hour. No free usage.
City to Airport Taxi Fare: 200 Baht to 400 Baht
Airport Express Bus: 150 Baht (infrequent 1 per hour, 4 destinations)
Airport Link (Train): 45 Baht (new in 2011)

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Summary: The hefty airport tax is certainly not budget-travel friendly. Most other countries in the region charges much lower airport tax. Even Singapore charges less. In Malaysia, there is even a discount for using budget airlines such as AirAsia since they will use the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). The LCCT provides free internet WIFI usage. In BKK with the absurd 700 Baht airport service fee? No! There is a gimmicky 10 minute free wifi coupon at the Information Counter which will take you a long walk to get to, and then when you're connected, the speed is slow and the 10 minutes are used up within - ha - minutes!

There is a food court at Level 1 with prices starting from 35 Baht to 100 Baht. Average 50 Baht meals.

Updated: This is the news article that appeared after my blog was written.


  1. Hellow!
    I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.
    I have added your site to my site.
    Please link my site to your site.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks Masayuki - I will link now.

    Just today, in The Nation Newspaper, it also coincidentally featured a "User Tweet About Bangkok Airport Woes and Problems". One of the main downside as written by users was "lack of free wifi". This is a reflection of globalisation and Social Networking - plus self-research. Travellers want to do self-research and in the airport, it is the best time and best time killer. So airports that provide such as service will win kudos.

    Just think, why does some cafe give out free wifi? This is to keep their customers. Not attract. But to keep. Knowing that these customers need to stay connected, when they are having a drink, coffee, they want to do some decent reading. The magazine rack is obsolete. Give free wifi and your customers will remain and grow.


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