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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Red colour is winning - buy Red companies

Is it strange coincidence that AirAsia's corporate colour is red, and so is Singtel? Plus a bunch of other (fairly) well managed companies that are among the gems of investing.

Take for instance, Manchester United. It is not merely a football club. It is THE club that uses the art of branding to a supernormal level - thus creating an subliminal awareness akin to brands like Coke, Pepsi, AirAsia. Ubiquitous yet conspicuous. Manchester United also has a very powerful management team led by Alex Ferguson. Even his moniker "Fergie" is a smart branding tactic. "Fergie" is/could be the singer. It's usually a female. A royal nickname too. And yet Alex Ferguson is such a tough person, professionally. Hair-dryer treatment is given to those who does not perform or followed orders. Whatever your salary scale. Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo - gets it the same.

So the no-nonsense doesn't just go about in the pitch or the training ground. Off pitch, at play - like clubbing scene, which had some notorious players being given the most unkind words. This is not just total football in the game, but total in your daily life.

So these Red Devils, and these Red Companies literally plays total football. I have talked to, seen, observe AirAsia staff - from the ground, to the stewardess, to the CEO - they have this sort of magic spark (like 80% of them). They delight you. You feel delighted. It is not the cheap budget flight - nor the small sum of money you might have saved because you booked AirAsia. What is it? It is the time you experience the whole experience. And the little basic things matter.

Valentine's Day is red too. Chinese Lunar New Year is red. So paint the town red, get some shares not in the red, but have a red personality.

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