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Monday, February 7, 2011

Facesoft and Microbook new tech megatrends of the decade

The cameo appearance by Bill Gates (or a lookalike and soundalike) in the Social Network, vaguely "passing the torch of IT leadership" to hitherto unknown new-age nerdtrepeneur (I invented this word then, cos it's still swiggle-red-underline status) Facebook boy - Mark Zukerberg - may seem like a funny episode in the movie. But the truth is, it is all too real at today's face value of the whiz kid's creation.

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal
Tech visionary 2005 - beyond
Bill Gates (Up Close)
Tech visionary 1985 - 2005
Several years ago, I recall reading an article from a popular technology and business magazine. Mark Zuckerberg had just started the pace in Facebook. The article was about him, his sandals, his office with a Swiss ball as a chair used by one of the staff, fun, and why he is not selling his company.

The deep believe in what his creation is NOT going to be, made him held on to it. Investors and take-over professionals came a-calling - trying to "teach him business" - just cash it out - kid. Then let us run it like a business. Get this 10 million dollars a live like a prince. No. Thank you. I already have a vision and dream of what my creation is going to be. Or maybe not, but definitely not to cash out now for bribery money.

Well have you applied this thought to your stock market investments? No? Why? Because you thought of cutting losses? Satisfied with your margin gained? Weren't you not looking at the bigger picture when you first decided to invest in a company?

The determination to hold on and wait out is not based on mere market trends. It has to be a huge big believe inside. Faith in your choice of stocks. Pick and hold.

The next Facesoft and Microbook could well be created by you. Someone who sees a need, has a bit of a skill in both the techie side, marketing side and also the faith in not surrendering.

Here is some fiction I thought of today for tomorrow:
Facesoft - in the year 2015, where a mobile device called Mod (My Online Data) will connect you to the world via a software called Facesoft. This software that recognise your unique facial characters (including new acne and wrinkles projection so definitely no one can impersonate you) connects to your bank account, driver's license, money, ATM, your vehicle, your home security system, your salary, your investments, your health profile including blood group and donor status, and your Social Network system. Email does not exist simply because it has become obsolete. Mod devices firstly was a big hit as the usual fanciful technology device. Then being adopted by two thirds of the governments of the world - because of various positive reasons including security, uniformity, health care, immigration, and overall movement to be a single One World One Country. Facesoft founders donated 95% of the value and stock options of the company towards this global implementation project linking all the secure and verified data across the globe and to make it free for those in the poorest leftover countries who were unable to pledge to join via a commercial sense.

Microbook - this super all-in-one device was thought of from the marriage of a dozen devices through the past decade. To reduce the consumption of paper and timber, again two thirds of the modern world had agreed to make it compulsory to use this device for daily writing, communication and publishing - after the extremely commercial and green-tagged success of Microbook in 2011. Economist and analyst came up with so much research on the positive benefits and cost efficiency of Microbook that has even made it a so-called saviour in the battle against consumption and the global warming dilemma. Paper pulp and timber consumption reduced 85% across the globe. Reduction is colouring chemicals (used in publishing) and various dozen chemicals used in the process of creating a book, or newspaper and magazine reduced tremendously. A noted effect - thousands of report of positive air, water and improvements in the habitats of fauna. Reduction in these chemicals which are petrol based, reduced petroleum demand by 30%.

A Microbook also does several dozen functions - taking high definition photos and videos. GPS mapping. Almost unbreakable and waterproof. It is taken everywhere. Due to the high level of security built-in and also in cooperation with Facesoft, this device is virtually a deterrent to petty crimes. The sensors on a Microbook can record and understand if the owner is having a distress signal or situation. Sending data back to the central Facesoft servers.

Going to school is so much more compact and lightweight. The Microbook stores unlimited data via CoolCloud. Children from poorer countries now have 24 hours access to the cloud. Their language skills have recorded improvements of over 40%.

Many places such as workplace, pubs, all require a customer or client to have a Mod device to enter. In 2016, all border crossings and airports would have seemless use of a Mod scanner - thereby making the ownership of a passport obsolete.

Used together, the Mod and Microbook shares and synchronise data seamlessly.

(more coming)

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