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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AirAsia Zero Fares Yearly Promotion Analysis

If you were AirAsia, you want your flights to operate fully where possible. And due to the low-cost model structure, you can adjust prices and promotion accordingly from the demand and number of vacant seats in a flight route. Seat Analysis is thus a crucial Key Performance Index.

IN 2009, the announced AirAsia Zero Fares Promotion was:
Air Asia offers ZERO FARE air ticket promotion for all its Asian destinations. Fees are exclusive of government taxes and airport tax. Sale period is from November 11 to 15, 2009 and Travel Period will be from May to October 2010.

The sale period was November 2009.
Travel period is for 6 months - May through October 2010.
Number of months from the booking/sale period until the first promotional zero fare flight = 6 months.

In 2010, the sale period was the week of 23rd May 2010. Travel period from January to May 2011.
Number of months from the booking/sale period until the first promotional zero fare flight = 8 months.

Lonely Planet Japan (Country Guide)  Lonely Planet Korea (Country Guide)  Lonely Planet Taiwan (Country Guide)

The conclusion is:
1) AirAsia launches the Zero Fares Promotion twice per year - roughly every 6 months or so (currently expected to be in mid-May and mid-November)
2) Travel period is usually 6 to 8 months away
3) Airport taxes, baggage, meals not included - obviously
4) Bookings made on the Zero Fares Promotion comes with restrictions - no change of name, date, destination - no refund
5) Search last minute hostel and hotel deals to save
6) The most popular routes are often snapped up in accordance with weekend, public holidays, and school holidays (of the departing and destination location)
7) In addition every quarterly, there are "Low Fare Promotions" such as "RM1 Fares" - these occur in the midst of those large promotion months. So expect to see these around mid-August and mid-February.
8) Check and compare rack room rates and promotion rates before going for your trip.

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  1. The "February" Low Fares Promotion 2011 is started as predicted - with the campaign titled "Big Sale - 1 Million Seats". Booking Period from
    22 February 2011 - 27 February 2011 (6 days)
    Travel Period : 3 September 2011 - 29 February 2012 (6 months lead time; 6 months travel time)

  2. Yeah...I can see the pattern..On late July 2010, the big promo called Mind Blowing Fare followed by Zero Fare on Nov 2010...Now, Big Sale is on going in mid Feb 2011...

  3. Opss, the Mind Blowing Fare was on early Aug mistake..

  4. Therefore, if you missed out on "Big Sale" (Feb 2011), you have another chance coming in May 2011. But do plan and buy early due to the fact the rise in crude oil prices is imminent - now close to $100 USD. A fuel surcharge is the most dreaded component of an airfare.

  5. yeah...i'm waiting for Zero fare as well.
    Thanks !

  6. Air Asia are really smart about promotional deals. They leverage them as marketing purposes. The promo deals go all year long. Sometimes they really mean the same deal, but given different promotional names to it.

    1. HI Fleapy, I chanced upon your Chrome widget just yesterday - but it didn't load. Will try again. I often search manually day-by-day for best flight prices.

  7. it is really amazing information Promotion models thanks for sharing

  8. After reading some nice stuff in your article I really feel speechlessPromotional Modeling


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