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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New AirAsia to Kathmandu in June 2011

Great news to hiking, mountaineering and camping enthusiasts. Outdoor's great escape is here at an affordable price.

Air Asia will fly into Kathmandu, Nepal in June 2011.
There will be 4 times a week flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia into Kathmandu, Nepal.

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Lonely Planet Nepal (Country Travel Guide)  Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills: 50th Anniversary  To a Mountain in Tibet

Prices are expected to be competitive so that Everyone Could Fly. So expect prices at least 50% off regular full-service commercial airlines. What is their current prices? About 1000-2000RM. With an aggregate of 50% off those rates, you can snag a return flight for close to 500 RM or about 180 USD.


  1. rm100 return for launching flight like burma last year...

  2. Richard Branson jadi pramugari AirAsia 1 Mei

    Orang ramai yang berminat untuk merasai pengalaman istimewa dilayan oleh tokoh penerbangan terkenal tersebut boleh membuat tempahan tiket sekarang.
    Penerbangan tersebut dijadualkan berlepas pada pukul petang 4 petang dari lapangan terbang d...i London itu dan dijangka tiba di Kuala Lumpur pada pukul 12 tengahari keesokan hari.

    Kesemua wang yang diraih hasil penjualan tiket penerbangan khas tersebut akan digunakan untuk tujuan amal.


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