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Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Diversify Portfolio to Oil Gas Gold Rubber Palm Commodities

Very often, the term diversifying your portfolio crops up whenever things aren't doing so well and especially when there is uncertainty if good times are sustainable. Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a adage so common even an egg seller can start claiming he invented McEgg to diversify his poultry farm business.

So we have our stocks. Blue chips. And trendy tech stocks. And possibly 1-2 properties. Then next the metals are getting a nice warm heat these days - gold and silver. The not so distant past 2008, oil prices were hovering above $150 USD. Today when oil prices are about to break $100 to $110 USD, airlines are scrambling their F5 (refresh button not the fighter jet!) to start imposing fuel surcharges which distorts the customers final price tally - where is the nett price battle cry.

So nett is never final until all these ancillary cost, surcharges, fees, taxes are fully factored in - totally an enormous 30-60% more than the quoted rack price of an air ticket.

While those bankers and financial vampires are celebrating their (again) new found wealth, supersize fat bonus and stock options, because sales exceeded last 2 year's deals (2008-2009 were the Global Financial Crisis years remember?), we are left wondering - why are we left behind? Why can't we have bought oil when it was $50 USD during the crash? Won't we have made 100-200% supernormal profits?

Diversifying With HY Markets:
Trade in all capital markets namely - Oil/Gas, Metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium), Commodities (Palm Oil, Rubber), Stocks
Commission free trading (remember nett price above?) - Trade costs built into bid-offer spread structure, you get to see your profits instantly without recalculating costs
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  1. Good point about all of the companies and executives celebrating their successes, when really it is just a return to normal vs the past 2 years of financial turmoil. Also, thank you for bringing up the diversification strategy. So many people who want to learn about trading have the idea that they can just buy one kind of stock, such as oil gas stocks, and then double their profit a week later. While sharp traders can certainly achieve this, it is much more difficult and risky for the layperson who does not know the ecosystem.


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