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Thursday, September 30, 2010

AirAsia consolidated perhaps stability for now

AirAsia consolidated from recent highs of 2.26 to 2.09. The whole 2-3 months have seen prices going up. Perhaps a good chance to sell and then buy in one more wave for stability. Most investors who have held on for 3 years are finally seeing some gains. And partially hoping for a bonus - one, a possible dividend? Two, a possible listing of AirAsiaX with holders of AirAsia stocks having some sort of "pink form" status?

My recommendations since 3 years ago was to accumulate. This little airline that could, has recently beaten the homegrown government-linked-corporation (GLC) Malaysia Airlines (MH or MAS) in market price. Now how is that possible? When year-in-year-out the government has been giving specials to MAS, protecting the routes it flies, and putting obstacle courses literally around the Low Cost Carrier Terminal.

Personally, I have been flying AirAsia constantly, the past 8 years - average 10-12 return flights per year.

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