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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Forbes 400 Generosity Club

Great wealth inspires greatness - and maybe envy. But those who give, find more pleasure and fulfilment and a sense of destiny and humanity. Integrity. Here is the 2008 selected lists of top donors and miser.

Name Age Donated Wealth Net Worth Theme
Gordon Moore 79 $7.8 bil $4.4 bil Environmental Causes
George Soros 78 7 bil 11 bil Human rights
 Bill Gates 52 35 bil 57 bil Global public health
 Warren Buffett 78 6 bil 50 bil Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
 Michael Dell 43 1.4 bil 17.3 bil Children's causes
 Jerry Yang 39 75 mil 1.7 bil Stanford University
 Steve Jobs 53 zero 5.7 bil none

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