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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Exclusive for members Canon SX40 HS 1549 RM

Attention loyal fun loving members of Lowyat Pricelist.
Each member is entitled to buy a maximum of 2 sets.
There are 10 sets exclusively for members at a discount of 150 RM.
RRP: 1699 RM
Member Discount: 150 RM
Final Price: 1549 RM
Get a 4GB Memory Card by donating 1 RM to charity.

Please check our Facebook Page for details and reservation criteria.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

CTA Account yield higher interest than Bank Savings

Right now, it seems cash is king (again).
And is the garden-variety savings account still the well taken path?

Checking on Maybank's Saving Account Rate, it yields 0.3 percent per annum for balance of zero to 24999 RM. This is the range of cash we would have in the savings account. Several thousand ringgit. Enough for monthly budgeting (I don't withdraw daily, do you?!!!) of a quarterly duration.

To beat this rate, the next best option that most consumers think of is Fixed Deposit or Invested Deposits. The yield aren't much higher. And the average is about 3%. Here your money is locked out for 3 months, 6 months or a year.

So here is a new suggestion: If you already are a stock investor who usually pays via cheque, or settling as you go, consider opening a CTA Account. Client Trust Account simply means a place to park your money for the immediate incoming settlement of stocks transaction.

The good news.

The yield is 2.4% per annum. And recently, for example, Hong Leong E-Broking has increased that interest rate to 2.6% per annum.

Two advantages for having a CTA account:
1) The actual function of the CTA - to accommodate payment of incoming outstanding settlement of stock purchases - without forgetting or penalised for stepping over T+3. Settlement are automatically deducted.
2) Getting a super-normal premium over savings interest! At 2.5% that is about ten fold of the bank savings interest rate.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Nasi Lemak 2.0 Movie in the Year 2011

Nasi lemak has become a controversial topic ever since it was declared a super high calorie food being over-consumed by regular Malaysians. Yes it is true. It is all plain white rice (high caloric refined and processed carbohydrates) and cooked in coconut milk - and usually with the economic uncertainty plus greediness of vendors, the rice portion has increased by 20%, and the other ingredients such as egg, being watered-down literally with more water or added flour before frying and flattening the egg so much and cut so thin, it could melt in your mouth - that tiny 2cm morsel of the last dignifying piece of protein in this commoner's meal.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WinXP to Win8 Bypassing Vista and Win7

For years, I had kept the mantra of not being suck and stuck into Windows Vista, the power-hogging hive of computer technology wastage. When Windows 7 was out, and XP being slowly discontinued, I was considering IT-life-after-XP: and tinkering, testing (occasionally) with Ubuntu resulted in good progress, but not yet as a full-day use system.

It was amazing to see Ubuntu able to handle new technologies, drivers, support easily, and automatically. Startup time was also extremely fast.

But now, instant on, viz-a-viz Adroid 3.0 tablets proved too much an enhancement (or feature) that seems impossible not to take notice. The future has indeed arrived.

My netbook Asus 1005HA Seashell still uses the original Windows XP Home with Service Pack 3. Probably the last of its kind. Last life in the universe.

And looking forward, it is indeed possible to bypass Vista and even Windows 7 completely, with cutting-edge breakneck speeds of delivery of new features, enhancements and real technology. If Microsoft hasn't got it right with Windows 8, it might be its final curtain call. Android (Google) will take over the helm of operating system - in both devices and personal computers. And a personal computer will be so personal it will not look like that square box of an ATX casing any more. That is so 1980s.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google Android Megatrend 2012

The era of a personal computer is being challenged by devices that are handheld, lightweight, durable and with a fast start-up.

These devices have started way back in 2001 in the form of the brick-like phone Nokia 3210. One of the most popular mobile phones at the turn of the century. Connecting People. Simple, easy to use menus, and sorted in logical navigation form. Nokia did came up with smaller versions and even the first "blue light" phone called Nokia 8250 or the Butterfly.

Years later, when competition grew, Nokia focused on fighting every segment of the phone market. The cheap low end "green screen" 1100s, the higher end 5 series or 7 series, and even series with 8 - 8850, Gold Editions. Then the N-Series. N95. The battle ground was wide and open. Apple did the opposite and focused on one product, putting all their marketing and research into one single phone. Think about it. Printing 10000 brochures for 20 different phones, or 10000 brochures for 1 single phone.

The other development in handheld was PDA or personal digital assistant. Which was extremely popular to business people and PALM was riding that wave in early 2001.

But any technologist and visionary would have seen the demise unless it incorporates mobile phone abilities. Seeing that phones were adapting new features - such as NotePad, Calculator, Calendar, which will and certainly had eaten up into the PDA device segment.

Laptops were once a high end commodity. Now with lower cost chips and innovation, netbooks and handheld touchpads are dominating the demand and supply. Google has parked right onto the space by providing several points of insertions - the Android operating system, the Chrome browser and Chrome OS.

Android although is free, Google will be banking on the powerful take-up rate of Android in almost all new smartphones and tablets, just as what Microsoft had done with Windows and Internet Explorer. The niche Apple market share although attractive, it will not push into the masses that thrive on openness and freedom. In a way, Apple products lock you into buying more of their products while imprisoning your reasoning to modify, change, or have total freedom with the product. Any update, application, changes, need to go through the giant's cash registers or at least their record books.

Many of Apple's new users and users were people who had the mindset of the quickest and simplest way, without wanting to have a go at changes or learning curves. And the other majority were attracted to the luxurious design and luxurious pricing. "Luxury is about something that the most number of people knows about, and the least number of people that are able to afford it." So think of the nuances here.

The fact (in numbers) is Apple is essentially able to reduce their product price to "human" levels, and in turn will control a significant market share (means at least 50%) in all of their products be it mobile phone, tablet or mp3 player. Firstly from the cost perspective. Secondly their marketing and research in normally on one single product. Compare this to Sony or Nokia, who are busy juggling 20 different new mobile phones each year, the economies of scale in Apple is so much stronger. So strong that some of their contractors had to employ peons to work 24 hour shifts with peanut salaries that are almost one rank above slavery, resulting in several cases of tragic suicides. It is not a 2 paragraph news of suicide. If you can put yourself through this, and be in the person's shoe - you're essentially in a cruel world, working for one of the most profitable multinational company, yet your workload and salary does not reward you enough. While millions are seen gleaming (in greed and luxury) of their new IPAD or IPHONE pasted happily in blogs and Facebook, you're a sad worker in a sad environment, with a sad future in a almost robotic clean room, rows and rows of sanitised, white cases of this sought after goods. Your hands have literally pinch, and grip these golden bars daily. Checking, inspecting, constructing, packaging, cleaning, them. But deep inside, you know you'll never own such a product. You have no say. You have not much rights. You weren't even educated nor informed about them. Your first day at work was only the happiest day of your life thinking you'll be working in a super company that will finally give your family a good time in their life.

Android will certainly rule the next decade in all hand held devices. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Win Samsung Holiday To Jeju Island Korea

Last week I was invited to visit Jeju Island. AirAsia only has flights to Seoul currently. While the cost of a Jin Air flight from Seoul to Jeju cost more than the KUL-ICN flight.

Then I discovered this week, there is a contest to win a holiday to Jeju Island worth RM20000 organised by Samsung. The condition of entry is by purchasing a Samsung laptop powered by Intel's Second Generation - Core i5 or Core i7 microprocessor.

Double the Deal Win a Trip to Jeju Island by Samsung

Jeju Island is also known as the "Island of the Gods" which was a big surprise to me - since originally or hitherto, only BALI ISLAND was known as "Island of Gods". Jeju is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and foreigners. It is the top rated honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds, and is also regarded as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: hiking on Halla-san (South Korea's highest peak) or Olle-gil(routes), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, riding horses, touring all the locales from a favorite television K-drama, or just lying around on the sandy beaches.

Is it possible to get to Jeju Island by ferry from Busan - duration 11 hours.

Nibbler Website Social Networking Taste Score

Nibbler report for

This is a performance measuring website that "taste" or nibbles at your site and churns out a complete social networking health score card.

Among the important notes revealed from the test:
A total of 1,415 errors and 119 warnings were found on the 5 pages tested.
No pages are W3C compliant. Because there are errors in the code, some web browsers may not be able to read this website correctly and it may not always display correctly.
This website is HTML5
The table below shows the first 100 errors only.
About 83 other pages were found linking to this website.
We found 3 Tweets about this website on Twitter.
33.3% of Tweets about this website were positive and 0.0% were negative. The remainder were neutral.
Generally, people's comments about this website are indifferent.
There are 0 articles on Digg relating to this website.
This website has been bookmarked 0 times on Delicious.
This website recently saw a moderate increase in popularity.
This is the 2,956,143rd most popular website in the world. Over the past 3 months, it has experienced a moderate increase in popularity.
Every page in this website is using Google Analytics v2. This is excellent and should allow for a complete analysis of visitor behaviour.
None of the pages tested will be blocked by filtering systems.
Filtering systems are used in homes, schools and companies to stop inappropriate content being displayed.
3 feeds were found on the 5 pages tested. This is good as it allows search engines and visitors to follow updates to this website.
All of the 3 feeds tested were found to be valid. This is excellent.
All of the feeds tested have been updated in the last month. This is excellent as regular updates to feeds keep subscribers interested in this website.
Your syndicated content is updated about 4 times every week.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

AirAsia Long Haul Promotion 2012

AirAsia X has announced long haul promotion prices for 2012.

Travel period is 6th February to 20th June 2012 (next year).
Booking period is now till 8th July 2011.

CHINA: Hangzhou, Tianjin, Chengdu RM255
SOUTH KOREA: Seoul, South Korea RM255
INDIA: Mumbai, New Delhi RM255
JAPAN: Tokyo RM255
TAIWAN: Taipei RM305
AUSTRALIA: Melbourne, Gold Coast RM355
NEW ZEALAND: Christchurch RM455
FRANCE: Paris RM605
ENGLAND: London RM605

For Premium SEATS which is equal to a BUSINESS CLASS seat, expect to pay another RM600 to RM1000 for the comfort.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inside AdSense Empire Strikes Back At Facebook

Inside AdSense: +1 around the world: "A few months ago we released the +1 button on English search results on More recently, we’ve made the +1 button available to si..."

Google striking back at Facebook Like with Google Plus One.

Thursday, June 30, 2011 Regional Traffic Rank

Perhaps we all know the top websites that people go to daily are the search engine Google, and the social network site Facebook. First to search news, info, questions. The latter is used to connect with friends, gossips, and interacting with people and interests. These websites have attained a supreme psychological level being imprinted at the subconscious level of the minds of their users.

AirAsia too has been making waves, clouds and colours in the minds of the passengers. Key words like budget airfare, cheap flights, low cost holidays, happy vacation, saving money are all automatically associated with AirAsia by virtue of association with the branding, colour (Red) and constant reminders from media marketing. Print media and internet. Even a "paad Thai" (Thai fried noodles) push cart was adorned with AirAsia's emblem and destinations.

Here are some regional ranking showing the widespread reach of AirAsia into the minds of their passengers and potential customers.

At its home country, Malaysia, AirAsia is the 36th most used, most accessed or most visible website. Small Brunei has put AirAsia at a higher pedestal breaking in at the 22nd spot.

The core countries that are part of the enlarged AirAsia family, Thai AirAsia and AirAsia Indonesia also feature prominently in their home country ranking, coming at 114th in Thailand, and 142nd in Indonesia. Australia and New Zealand traffic into is very popular due to a high penetration of broadband in these first-world countries and a hunger for low priced airfares.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bangkok to Bali Airfares Full Service Airlines

Bangkok (BKK) to Denpasar (DPS):
Thai Airways 20200 Baht
Malaysia Airlines 17300 Baht (stopover KUL)
Garuda Indonesia 20500 Baht

Using AirAsia, a return flight cost just around 5000 Baht to 8000 Baht.
Journeys of a Lifetime: 500 of the World's Greatest Trips

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How To Tweet Post Blog To Business Success

Anyone in business can use social media to increase brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales. This is Social Media shows you how.
You might already be social networking on Facebook, or even microblogging on Twitter. One thing's for sure though; you're too busy to muck about on these sites all day, not really knowing how to get any decent play out of them. You're looking for profitability, not gimmicks.
Many organizations, large and small, are using social media and social networking to build robust communities of followers, stay ahead of the competition and increase profits. Are you missing a trick?
 This is Social Media: Tweet, blog, link and post your way to business success
This is the definitive guide to using the whole spectrum of social media in an efficient and measurable way in order to market your business. It covers Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ecademy, Flickr, YouTube, Bebo, MySpace, Blogs, Podcasts, Mobile and much, much more. Each site is assessed not as an end in itself but as means of delivering a business result.
With simple, practical steps, real life examples and quick definitions to explain the jargon, you'll soon understand the world of social media and have access to a range of social networking tactics that will help you reach new customers and clients, as well as get your existing ones to do more business with you.

Dot Com Tech Bust 2011 Imminent?

Ten years ago, from the dizzying surge in tech stocks price, the whole market experienced a terrible crash that was termed the Dot Com Bust.

The dotcom success theory was for the tech company to keep on expanding its customer or user base as rapidly as possible, even if it has not produce any profit and perhaps chalking up losses. Products were offered free. Freebies get user. Hotmail was free (3 MB storage, and was cut down to 1 MB after the bust and user must stay active by logging on to the system at least once every 3 or 6 months). Netscape was free. Freewares. Free tools. Free signup. Free web hosting (Altavista, geocities remember?).

Fast forward 10 years to today, Web 2.0 has once again make it flashy to be techie. Web 2.0 perhaps is different. Websites are no more static with merely information and the contact page and a product. Web 2.0 means a whole new mesh system. User interactivity is paramount. Communications and social internet. User gets to interact, comment, blog, talk, video, post photos, change photos, ask questions, give answers, link, earn points, spend points, give points, Poke, play games, invite others, praise, like, create a support group, ask forum questions, download, upload their own videos, change the background theme of an application or even operating system, automatically update their software or system, allow others to collaborate and update their creation be it a blog and webpage. Think Wikipedia. Think Facebook. Think Bejeweled. Think Asus netbook.

It is just like when computer games were in 1980s, the interactivity was minimal. The computer screens were even made with just one colour displayed - green. Games were turn based. You can go out of the "virtual world". There is a set of paths and objects. You are not able to customise nor share. Now games are massive. Even the word massive is part of a game system - MMORPG. Massively multiplayer online role playing game. You can slam the wall. Cut the fake grass. Throw grenade at the ornamental chairs. Even sit on it. Squat. You can play games with others, using other computer system - you are on a PC, and your playing buddy could be on XBOX360. You can chat. Send gifts to friends. Invite them to your team. Explore or create an adventure. Earn points. Spend. Buy points. Sell gems or rare items. Trade. Customise your clothes. Change the hairstyle.

Convergence of system and interactivity has propel the internet age to a much richer environment than 10 years ago.

Daily Life in A Super Tech World:
1. Banking - everyday banking on the internet is officially the most widely done activity. Checking balance. Transferring payments. Credit cards and bills.
2. E-government - submitting tax returns, utility bills online, applying for a passport or visa (E-Visa) has helped government to streamline and reduce cost while providing efficient service for their citizens.
3. Air Tickets - the biggest commercial online transaction by value is certainly buying Air Tickets online. AirAsia, RyanAir, Jetstar, and even full service airlines have implemented easy to use, secure and fast internet booking and payment services.

Near Future:
1. With oil prices destined to increase, any country that has not implemented an efficient and low-cost public transport system will suffer. And this might spur online grocery shopping as well as food catering. Supermarkets will transform in Amazon like warehouses - focusing on packing and shipping out food and meals.
2. The greatest cities that will continue to prosper are those with an extensive network of mass public transport. Those without will see their citizens migrating abroad. And creating more cluster by moving into the biggest cities, creating more congestion. Mega-cities will continue to grow. Rising fuel prices will eventually shutter out rural living in most developed countries.
3. Hybrid cars and electric vehicles will continue to grow and thus the demand for raw materials that make them go will go up. Lithium - the storage of energy in the form of batteries. Nickel-cadmium to a certain degree. Fuel cell technology will continue to improve. The grab for coal and gas will increase.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last Mile Failure and Disconnect in Malaysia

The weakest link in a project or system often is overlooked until the inevitable happens. Failure.

The definition of last mile is the final last few metres or distance that connects an entity to a main bigger system, often the goals is to tap into the newly developed system or infrastructure, to be enabled by it. In Malaysia unfortunately, the weakest link is apparently this last mile portion that has often been overlooked and neglected until the point of failure.
Megacities: Urban Form, Governance, and Sustainability (cSUR-UT Series: Library for Sustainable Urban Regeneration)
Situations of Last Mile Failure and Disconnect:
1. KL Sentral the central transportation hub have just one single entrance and exit escalators leading to the main interchange from the ground floor where the feeder buses (RapidKL), tour buses, buses from Genting, and and passengers from the Monorail jostle to enter. A terrible bottleneck for the highest number of users.
2. Ticket counters for the LRT and Monorail are often just manned by one or two staff, selling tickets to a frustrated queue. The automated ticket machines never seem to operate, and alas, there are just 1 or 2 ticket machines.
3. The supposedly world class airport does not allow passengers to connect easily or at an affordable cost. Most shuttle buses goes to KL Sentral (yes that same location whereby you'll be lead into that funnel of a bottleneck above!). Passengers and tourists are often left with the single most obnoxious choice - the monopolised taxi. 300 RM to Melaka which is a 120 km ride.
4. Melaka Sentral - the central bus station of Melaka state, is located at a busy junction with 3 traffic light stops. To add insult to injury, buses must drive  in two circular routes encircling the bus station (wasting more fuel) to get to the bus bay. The supposedly well designed station has ample of sky light from above. But this is no Europe, the amount of sunlight directly burning into the terminal has created a green-house effect, making it warmer and thus a significant cost is being used by the air-conditioning system. Malacca Town Hotels Homestays Guesthouse Price List
5. Most LRT and Monorail stations are at a disconnected distance. Commuters have to walk up and down stairways and this is no Europe with a temperature that is conducive for walking. Sweaty sardines are the fish of the day. Everyday. Life. This final straw funnels commuters into dreaming of purchasing their own vehicle. Or was this a ploy to get the TIV (Total Industry Volume of Passenger Cars) to keep increasing, reflecting is a "healthy" car industry, and seemingly "higher" standards of living? Or not? Or to chase the rabbit down the hole, the doubly frustrated new car owner now has to combat a deluge of uncouth drivers and toll plazas, sweltering in the movable sauna, finally increasing the health cost to the country. High blood pressure cooking.
6. Roads are often in patches. Coordination is non-existent. The utility company never seems to stop digging right after a newly constructed black tar road has been made. Is this a conspiracy? To frustrate the commuter?

A well-planned city, country or township has to blend in the focus of the last mile users. Awarding contracts to dubious developers to help them, is purely hitting some nails on your toes. No thorough research and due diligence are performed.

Dear Mayor or Town Council Planners, try playing "Simcity" and you might just improve.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

AirAsia Beijing Shanghai Osaka Istanbul Jeddah

Five more new long haul destinations are now within AirAsia's planned route after a governmental approval was granted today.

Asia being the main focus and thus has 3 East Asian destinations:
Beijing - the capital of China
Shanghai - the financial capital of China
Osaka - the second largest city of Japan
Lonely Planet Beijing (City Travel Guide)Lonely Planet Shanghai (City Travel Guide)

The other two destinations:
Instanbul (Turkey) The gateway between Europe and the Middle East
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Disconnect Unfriend Facebook

We are so connected in this new century and new decade by devices and the second generation information superhighway (this term sounds so old?!) also known as Web2.0 that it has caught up and integrated into our daily lives like that sludge black matter that webbed Peter Parker in Spider Man 3 and eventually becoming Venom.
Staying connected has its price and rewards. Constantly and instantly accessible. Information almost at your fingertips. Call me, Skype me, email me, Facebook me, SMS text, leave a voicemail - no one can seem to hide and that feeling of "not responding on time" makes the ever continuing need to update, respond, reply, comment, LIKE, wave, poke, a way of life to show you're alive - literally.

Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation, What the Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your Family The Winter of Our Disconnect: How Three Totally Wired Teenagers (and a Mother Who Slept with Her iPhone)Pulled the Plug on Their Technology and Lived to Tell the Tale

Perhaps a nice time to think about disconnect, a life we once knew of the "original" untethered life?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Visit Korea Year Free Bus To Gyeongju and Jeonju 2011

Korea seems to be the most trendiest destination for all Asians currently. From Thailand to Singapore, everyone is caught up with Korean movies, actors, RAIN, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Full House, and a dozen Korean TV series.
Korea - Culture Smart!: the essential guide to customs & culture

Here is a nice tip for Korean fans. If you're visiting Korea this year, it is supposed to be Visit Korea Year. And thus their Tourism Department has organised free bus rides to other smaller towns or cities, that are having a hard time to get tourists. Most tourists are going for Seoul. And they might do a package tour to the island.

Seoul to Gyeongju - Millennium Line:
Hyundai Hotel Gyeongju
Departs Seoul 8AM
Arrives Gyeongju 1PM
Departs 4pm
Arrives Seoul 9pm

Seoul to Jeonju - Dynasty Line:
Core Hotel Jeonju
Departs Seoul 8AM
Arrives Jeonju 11AM
Departs Jeonju 5PM
Arrives Seoul 8PM

Tourist can register online and get the allocated seat randomly before the chosen departure date.

+82-1577-2507 /
Stella. H. Choi (

Saturday, June 11, 2011

AirAsia coming up with TuneFitness

Tony Fernandes recently posted in his Facebook account that he is happy with his weight-loss program, after appearing for a commercial.

It seems if Now Everyone Can Fly, it is also possible Now Everyone Can Be Fit.

Look, there are zillions of AirAsia customers, and most of them are unfortunately overweight because of their so-called new found wealth. This "wealth" is so detrimental to their health and is appearing at obscene places - their tummy and buttocks. Even the CEO was not spared this wealth.

With his own wisdom, he decided to combat this and had fortunately shed some kilograms of excess wealth, and proudly declaring in the internet.

So I wrote a masterplan to him last week. To create another super-brand out of the AirAsia cloud. Using the same concept of tackling the demand, in this case the demand to be healthy yet with the motivation of the Sumatran sloth that most Asians have, it seems apt to begin a new venture start-up in what else - TuneFitness.

So far, there is TuneMoney (insurance, debit cards), TuneTalk (mobile SIM card), TuneHotels (accomodations) and of course AirAsia (air travel).

AirAsia TuneFitness (not TrueFitness):
1) Now Everyone Can Be Healthy. Now Everyone Can Be Fit. Now Everyone Can Be Slim.
2) Every destination that AirAsia flies to, will have a TuneFitness centre ready.
3) This AirAsia Fitness Centre will have the usual weights but not the bulky ones. Lite versions. So people can go in fast, like a circuit and finishing in a set time. You can do the 20 minute path, or 60 minute path. Slot in Body Combat, Body Pump or Body Jam.
4) Pay early or book early to get your slots.
5) The more you lose (fat) the more points you will get.
6) Combining with AirAsia, they can organise events similar to Amazing Race. This will create a huge hype.
7) TuneFitness members can go and train and exercise in ANY TuneFitness Centres worldwide. And since AirAsia has so many routes, you'll always have NO MORE excuses to NOT exercise.
8) Getting fit socially with others, travellers and friends - with points as motivation - will boost more members. The ultimate goal, fit travellers fit customers. Get out of the "trying to sell membership fees and Personal Training sessions" that are outward dirty tricks of those fitness centres. Beat them!
9) What I wrote above is not too clean nor clear but it was somewhat an idea. Anyone else has some suggestions, comments just add on!

Last news I heard: Tony will be organising a "Apprentice"-like TV Reality show. AirAsia Apprentice anyone? Winner gets to work with this super CEO!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Denzuke Asian Stock Research: KNM BUY Target Price RM3.20 by Maybank IB Research

Denzuke Asian Stock Research: KNM BUY Target Price RM3.20 by Maybank IB Research

Asian Deals Groupon Like Review

Even though Groupon hasn't made any profit, their proof of concept and momentum by users is so encouraging that copy-cat coupon or collective deals system are the latest internet shopping trend. Groupon is hoping for a powerful IPO this year. This online shopping megatrend is set to overdrive with more and more devices freely connecting to the internet these days. From netbooks, Ipads, smart phones and the convergence of voice and internet offerings in 4G networks to Long Term Evolution technology. Plus the imminent increase in the cost of travel (oil price increase is a given), shopping online and in particular hunting for herd mentality deals, has become acceptable and to some, it is indeed a fun online experience.

Online Shopping Through Consumers' Eyes: A Study of Online Users' Responses to 107 QuestionsThe Shopaholic's Top 1000 Websites: Your Guide to the Very Best Online ShoppingMegatrends 2010: The Rise of Conscious Capitalism

Here are a list of some Asian Deals Site, which are sort of a Groupon-wannabe as you can observe their website layout has a similar flair!
1) - Two languages, 3 cities in Malaysia.
2) - In association with Yahoo, comprises deals from 5 cities including Singapore.
3) - 6 cities in Thailand. This company is actually from the Phillipines. English and Thai.
4) - now defunct, the website is not functioning from last month. It was previously run by a friend from Germany who was residing in Bangkok, Yannick Dannigo.
5) - Australian Deals.
7) - Malaysia
8) - Bought by TicketMonster Korea

1) - Hong Kong in Cantonese Chinese and English, covers both Hong Kong and Macau.
2) - China
3) - New Zealand

Korean coupon company Ticket Monster just bought over a Malaysian coupon startup.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rewarding Jobs in AirAsia June 2011

Besides investing in AirAsia by owning shares of the public listed company, another way to ride the wave is to get a job in AirAsia. Tony Fernandes termed their staff All-Stars. A staff is not a worker, or peon, but an All Star and everyone in the organisation can score a slam dunk, a hat-trick, or a Turkey strike (three strikes in a row in bowling). Literally or not, it means an employee is empowered, motivated, and will strive and enjoy the job much more than average.

And a happy employee is a productive worker that can give positive aura to the surrounding employees, corporate culture and impacting the customers and passengers directly, translating into a wider goodness that knows no boundaries. Anyone can apply for these internet-social-media-linked jobs below,

Social Media Manager
Job Description
The Social Media Manager will implement the AirAsia’s Social Media Strategy, raise brand awareness, generate inbound traffic, encourage product adoption and engage with our fans through various social media channels. This role coordinates with the internal Marketing, Branding, Operations, Customer Car, Culture, Human Resource and PR teams to support their respective missions, ensuring consistency in voice and cultivating a social media referral network.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Google Strikes Back With PlusOne

The ubiquitous "LIKE" button is everywhere. Sought after like a "like sabre", getting "likes" is sort of an achievement for a page. A momentum. A marketing prowess, as well as a trend bait to get more eyeballs or click-buttons. Facebook surely invented trendy with the "LIKE" button.

Now the Empire Strikes Back.

Google had just quietly placed a little button called "PlusOne" on my blog. I vaguely noticed it just moments ago. Have a look at it.

Plus One is an easy way to recommend things to the world. Your profile and PlusOnes will appear publicly in search, on ads, and across the webspace run by landlord Google.

Currency Megatrends Euro VS Yuan

The Euro may survive, but the block of countries that are tied up to the monetary policies are suffocating because there is no flexibility in making moves to strengthen or weaken (devalue) a currency - like elsewhere where a sovereign country can do so to their own currency.

When Japan was a powerhouse rising from the ashes of World War 2, many had predicted their currency the yen would power up to be an international trading currency. Alas, it did not due to several reasons stemming from the inward-looking business culture and government policies, as well as the "lost decade" of deflation that eventually weaken the momentum of acceptance.

Surprisingly, the yen's power or strength made it unappealing to foreign nations to subscribe or buy.

Internationalization of the Renminbi: History, Theories and Policies (Enrich Series on Chinese Currency Reform)China: A Macro History (An East Gate Book)Treasures of China
Now we have one new Olympian Asian currency. Which is not a surprise. Can the renminbi, the people's money, the yuan - become widely acceptable? Whether it is part government policy or not, the inevitable is that the yuan will attain a higher status than the yen and euro eventually.

The past 2-3 years, the RMB currency has surpassed the value of its sibling, the Hong Kong Dollar by 20%. In 2006, 1 Hong Kong Dollar gets you 1.20 yuan. Today it is the reverse. Some years ago, I was assuming when the HKD and RMB hits parity, there is a chance for these currencies to unify. Now it seems, RMB does not need HKD's branding anymore.

Canon 600D Win A Trip To Bhutan 2011

Do you own a Canon 600D Digital SLR Camera? Or thinking of upgrading your current 450D, 500D, 550D, 100D to 600D - here is a nice reason and timing to do so.

You can possibly win a free trip to Bhutan, the Land of Happiness.
Bhutan: The Land of Serenity
Your entry needs to be taken with an EOS 600D Canon Camera. 10 lucky winners each stand to win an expenses-paid photography trip to Bhutan from 1st to 8th October 2011.
Experience Bhutan 2011
Send us ONE photo taken with your EOS 600D.
We're on the hunt for 10 unique images that emote, excite or inspire. Photos that will cause us to stop and ponder. If you know what we're looking for, send it in now! Just keep it clean folks.
All entries will be judged by veteran photographers Felix Hug and James Robert Fuller.
Winning Trip Locations:
Chele Laa Pass
Folk Heritage Museum and Art School
Dochu-Laa Pass
Wangdue Festival and town
Punakha Dzong
Tigers Nest Monastery

AirAsia Propels The Megatrend of the Decade

One deep aspiration of over 2 billion citizens of the world's largest continent - Asia - is being fulfilled this decade. And that aspiration needs to be summed up in a few imaginative sentences.

See the world. Travel the seven seas. Conquer the jiang hu (江湖). Climb every mountain.

The catalyst behind that helps fulfil this aspiration is affordable air travel. When those words are stringed together it is almost a reflex to think of or about AirAsia. Pavlovian or repeated pairing psychology - or simply powerful branding and truly remarkable pricing for the masses.

We can say this strategy is played by most powerful corporations. "Vorsprung durch Technik." "You merely look after it for the next generation." "Born This Way." Dark blue well defined unobstructive and white boxes. The World On Time.

AirAsia's namesake itself is a powerful marketing name. First it encompasses the massive continent. The continent of the Orient. Ancient Spice Islands. The origin and mystery of tea that captivated ancient England for centuries. Tom yum guung. Balinese temples. And that's just the ones who are conditioned to remember.

There are vast open country that previously is inaccessible, except if you're a well-funded anthropologist, some czar or magnate; much unlike what we read about the big five animals of Africa.

At the rate AirAsia is expanding their routes, it would be within this decade, that perhaps almost all those inaccessible destinations, be opened for all.

For short distance yet still unopened or currently served by a single airline:
1) Kingdom of Bhutan - not too far northwest of Bangkok. The distance is 2000 km with a flight time of 2.5 hours. This is a wonderful happy nation. And surely their new king wants to be connected to Asia not just the current situation in which they depend alot on India.
2) Kathmandu Nepal - this destination is already in the plans. Likely the route will open by the 3rd quarter of 2011. There are many Nepalese working in countries nearby including Malaysia, Singapore and India. With a good AirAsia connection, more of them can have better access to overseas jobs and perhaps at a lower cost of travel. While now it will be more possible for garden variety folks to try to climb the highest mountain(s).
3) East Timor - this small nation needs alot of support from the region. And one that is connectivity.
4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands - In 2004, I met the Indian owner of a resort in these islands, just off the coast of Thailand. It became a bit known after the tsunami, which wreck havoc there. This is a very unexplored territory of India. Perhaps AirAsia can tap this route to Port Blair.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kinecting Your Daily Life With Xbox360

Recently my brother bought the Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor. There are many hackers who have modified successfully the sensors to operate in a Windows 7 environment, virtually making the live gestures input mode a real-life year 2010 reality, comparable to what Tom Cruise was doing in the movie Minority Report, which was dated as year 2054.

Zooming and rotating images and maps works fluidly in the demonstration above. Remember being impressed when Google Maps allow such zooming and rotating with the mouse? Or how about flicking the smart phone's touch screen effortlessly to change, move, go the next page, pinch and zoom - ala iPhone.

The attractive pricing of the gaming console Xbox360 with a Kinect Motion Sensor Bundle includes a free Kinect Adventures game seems unbeatable. At just 300 USD, it is even cheaper than some mobile phones such as iPhone(!), Nokia E7, and almost all variants of HTC touchscreen phones.

It took Microsoft some years to research on 3D motion sensing and this is the great payout. Even though Nintendo had the breakthrough technology when it started the Wii, to stay in the game (literally), Nintendo has begun to cut prices of the Wii Console to a mere 150 USD - cheaper than some tennis racquet; cheaper than some Nike Sports shoes!

If you are an arm-chair general, couch potato, a No Man, or have yet to buy a gym membership, perhaps this is one great investment and reward and life changing chance for yourself. Either buy the Xbox360 Bundled With Kinect, OR using the same money but 3 sets of Wii Console!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Genting Shareholders Get 18GP Points For 2011

Besides Dividend, Genting has another unique way of rewarding their loyal Highlanders.
Shareholders of Genting will get 18GP Genting Points provided that they own the shares on 10th May 2011 or before. The 18 GP will be credited to the member's existing account by 15th June 2011.

The 31st AGM of Genting Malaysia will be held 8th June 2011 at Wisma Genting, Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur.

Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling: Winning WaysProsperity Without Growth: Economics for a Finite Planet

18GP could get you 2 free night's stay at First World Hotel calculated at 7GP per night's stay.
Or 1 free night at the classier Resort Hotel using 16GP.

A buffet lunch at the Restoran Kampong costs a whopping 21GP and at First World Cafe - double of that at 41GP. Punters will likely opt for the hotel stay redemption instead of the costlier glutton's feast.

Genting FAQ About The 18GP Promotion:
First World Hotel Genting Highlands
Resort Hotel Genting Highlands

Genting Worldcard Page:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Property Crisis 2020 Due to Traffic Congestion

Property prices and property investments, as well as new project construction are in the minds of everyone these days. Developers are cashing in on the craze of fearing prices will keep on increasing stemming from an increase in raw materials, construction materials, commodities, sugar(!), petrol and diesel.
Limits to Growth: The 30-Year Update
Perhaps prices will not decrease. Perhaps it will sustain. Or even in a crisis, global economics or personal economics, the seller will hope to sell at least at the price it was first bought over. So ceteris paribus, a 500K condominium will remain to be traded at 500K.

Now is property merely a form of investment? What are the intrinsic reason(s) of buying a property or house? A place to live in. A place to rest. Happy relaxing and cool hideout from the outside world.

Well what if the outside world creeps in like a Bugatti Mat Rempit racetrack?
Or steeping into the outside world is like stepping in a racetrack? Or the opposite way, stepping into an infinite queue of bumpers under the extreme scorching heat of the ultraviolet ozone-depleted-enhanced sunlight of the year 2020?

A property in the middle of the war torn dessert isn't desirable. A home isn't much of a home with horrible commute (wasted) time of 4 hours per day. 4 hours is 16.7% of a full day. A better figure is to calculate the waking hours. Assuming sleep is 8 hours, we are left with 16 hours of work or play. Therefore 4 hours out of 16 hours, a time tax of 25% of our lives!

And even if you could squeeze 2 hours by driving insanely and dangerously fast like a devil whose underwear was stolen, that still amounts to a 12.5% time tax.

If we can complain, moan about personal income tax increase, or petrol price tax, what about time tax? Isn't time priceless? The irony of paying time for trying to get more time.

The government has been trying to create a public transportation makeover by introducing the MRT system. Alas, has any lesson been learnt from the past - not so distant? Everything is disconnected. Here is one very good observance: the escalator and stairways leading up to the heart of the nation's prime transportation hub - KL SENTRAL - number just one. One set of staircase. The monorail is disconnected. Forcing commuters sweaty matinee days - daily. The LRT is disconnected from both the other LRT and Monorail and queuing twice to purchase 2 sets of tickets is not enough mockery. Usually there is only one counter open. One unmotivated staff performing the ticket dispensing, while 100 poor sweaty commuters give up in silence, not unlike those who were subjugated during the not-so-distant wars.

Therefore the day will come, Vision 2020, but alas, would you truly deeply madly want to live in that 1 million ringgit mansion or condominium paying a daily tax of 25% of the time of your life? Not including lung cancer causing pollutants given as a tour package?

AirAsia 1Q2011 Profit 171.9 million ringgit

AirAsia 1st quarter (1Q2011) net profit: 171.9 million ringgit
Last quarter's profit (4Q2010): 313.6 million ringgit

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sale of McDonald's Lunch Meal Down 582 percent

On the 23rd of May 2011, the usual lunch hour crowd targeting McDonald's Lunch Value Meal Combo dropped by 582 percent. While inversely, internet traffic in commercial buildings around Klang Valley surged 283 percent.

According to internet traffic trends consultant, FN Dennis from Bytestopia, this anomaly was due to the yearly Big Sale (Zero Fares or occassionally fairly close to zero cents) by AirAsia. This year's highlight:
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Tokyo (Haneda) for a mere RM 25.10 with No Fuel Surcharge for this route. Including baggage allowance and perhaps a meal, the total return airfare will cost less than RM 100.00.
The chance to launch the three other anticipated destinations - Kathmandu, Maldives and a US city - was not materialised.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bali Nyepi 2012

Bali New Year for 2012 – Balinese “Day of Silence” that falls on Bali’s Lunar New Year. Nyepi is a special Balinese Hindu religious celebration.
It will be held Friday, 23 March 2012.

Adapted from Hendra's "Balinese Experience" post, some highlights:

1) Melasti Ceremony (the day before)
Before the new year, the entire Bali will perform ceremonies to purifying the “spiritual things” which are kept in every temple. Balinese will do it once a year, and thousands of people will heed to the nearest beach, to pray and “clean up the holy things”. My temple in my hometown (Mengwi) will have the same event. So you can join this ceremony with me. We can catch up somewhere in Denpasar first, then go to my village together. After arriving in my temple, we will march from my temple to the beach with hundreds other Balinese. To respect the ceremony, you have to wear Balinese costume too as well, and you can borrow it from me…

2) Ogoh-Ogoh Sighting (the day before, 8am onwards)
One day before the Nyepi Day,there will be the Ogoh-Ogoh Festival (spiritual monsters parade), and before the parade begins on the evening, all ogoh-ogoh will be shown in each banjar (community hall) plus having lunch on the trip. In the morning, we will travel around and see all ogoh-ogoh in various parts of the island. You’ll see the creativity of Balinese art. I know some places that has fantastic ogoh-ogoh monsters since I do it every year. My route will probably like this SANUR>KUTA>SESETAN>PUPUTAN>SUPRATMAN>UBUD> then return.

3) The Parade (the day before, 5pm to midnight)
Since becoming the Sekaa Teruna leader (traditional youngster community) I have the acces to let you join in my community and join the parade from start to end. You will not only see and have photo opportunities of the ogoh-ogoh, but you may participate - use your own shoulder to lift it around the town with thousands of people watching you. If you like music, you can also join my beleganjur team (Balinese marching band) to play traditional music together. After the parade finishes, we can take our scooter and see the dark side of Bali!

4) Nyepi Silent Day (23 March 2012)
Yes we will not see nor do many thing on this day. Just feel the silence and calmness in my small house with my family and dogs. Will no TV or radio programme as the government closes it all. My family will spend time to stay in the house temple; you can join too. I believe religion is universal and all about heart and feeling. Other great experience will come in the night, as I have some access and assuming the role of pecalang (warden) in the night. We can go around my place, keep silent, wear Balinese costume again, and fell how dark is Bali on this night. You even can see the star falling every hour and the star light will be awesome! Because of regulations, only men who can go for the night trip. A good day to reflect on life, people, what you have done or failed, the environment, the sand, the rain, the rain drops on the side of the window pane.

5) Omed-omedan / WetKissing Event (24 March 2012)
Another unique cultural experience that you must see in Bali. The youngsters in the villages will participate in a gathering in the centre of the village, and is up for kissing another person that they like. The elders of the community will sprinkle water onto participants. So it is quite a wet wet kissing ceremony. It sounds strange in writing, but it is truly a traditional event, and participants are happy to preserve the old culture handed down from past generations of Balinese.

Banyan Tree Ungasan Hotel Bali Promotion

Saturday, May 21, 2011

AirAsia Big Sale 2012 As Predicted

Yes finally the wait is over. Biggest sale once again during May. Read research, predictions and analysis here:

Almost thought there will be changes since it was already 21st of May, two thirds of the month of May had passed. Perhaps my AirAsia analysis isn't correct this time around? Fortunately it is. And glad those readers and bargain hunters who followed my tips will benefit once more. "Asean for Asean." Saw a huge poster proclaiming just that in Jogjakarta.

Well sharing some budget airfare tips on our favourite airline is my pleasure.
Past tips:
How To Get Cheapest AirAsia Flights
Zero Fares Yearly Promotion Analysis

Contests Roundup:
In short the low-down on the Big Sale:
Booking commences from 23rd May and ends on 29th May 2011.
Travel period from 6th Feb until 20th June 2012.
Prices start from 10 sen (or 1 Thai baht; 300 Rupiah; 3 US or Aussie cents; 2 pence!!)
Even if you have factored and added in all fees, it's still relatively much lower saving 40-80% off nett fares of full service airlines which often don't allow single way booking (they penalise you with a hefty fee).

There are a few NEW AirAsia Destinations that may perhaps be included. They are:
1) Kathmandu, Nepal
2) Maldives
3) A USA city

Join Facebook Page for the Best AirAsia Booking Tips, Hacks, Secrets, Analysis - or just bookmark this blog for Travel Tip updates

What are the big cost components of a holiday, vacation, travel, trip?
1. Airfares - mitigated with AirAsia - plan and book early and follow those tips above.
2. Hotel - Get prices all in one page from
3. Food - bread, fruits, local food, protein bar. Go global, think and eat local. Try something local. Perhaps 1 out of 3 times, you may not be able to eat the food, so share it with a local new friend. Get to experience, ask why is it spicy or taste like this, and how is it made? Perhaps you can even get the recipe of a secret delicious local food, bring it home, and be an entrepreneur and start a food business out of it.
4. Transport - walking, public transport (weight in the pros and cons of bus, taxi, train rides, motorbike taxis, xe om, ojek, song taew, bemo). Going everywhere with taxi is not the cheapest nor fastest sometimes. And sometimes going by taxi is the most efficient. Balance it by researching early. A city may have several central bus stations and they may be located half way around the city (for instance Bangkok or Jakarta) taking 1-2 hours to get from one end to the other.
5. Theft - yes this is also one big cost. Think of getting a travel insurance package. Protect your valuables with lock, secure your DSLR (are you sure you're bringing the 1 ton black monster?!), Asus netbook, and your hard currency. Using credit cards might look cool and can collect points, but some unscrupulous places may swipe and copy your card details - not using them yet - but commit fraud after months; you won't know or can't remember what hit you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AirAsiaX Switches To General Electric

AirAsiaX switches to General Electric engines from Rolls Royce on a US$600 million deal. Perhaps some unusually problematic engine incidence in 2010 experienced by Qantas triggered a review.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Malaysian Lynas Plant Pending Review

The Lynas plant in Pahang state of Malaysia is pending a month-long review after high profile protests by environmentalist, villagers, NGOs highlighted and made clear comparisons to a radioactive chemical disaster that happened some years ago in Bukit Merah in the state of Perak - that resulted in villagers suffering from leukaemia.

Lynas meanwhile has secured another contract to mine for rare earth elements in Malawi.

These rare earth minerals are highly sought-after by new age modern technology - from iPhones, smartphones, netbooks, to hybrid cars. A single Prius Toyota Hybrid car uses 1 kg of neodymium.

What is neodymium? I remember buying a Sony earphone for my Nokia 5310 MP3 phone (my second purchase, the first one is damaged after 2 year's usage) recently. The package highlighted "neodymium speakers". Creating about 9 times the magnetic energy of the barium ferrite magnet, this overwhelming powerful magnet has allowed for the development of ultra-compact speakers.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent rare earth magnet available. The magnets are popular and used for a variety of purposes including medical magnetic therapy, as part of industrial machines, for educational research and science and in household items, cars, speakers and toys.

Meaning of Ponzi Scheme

Named after Charles Ponzi -- who didn’t invent it, but made notorious use of it in the 1920s -- the Ponzi scheme is an investment fraud that involves the payment of purported returns to existing investors from funds contributed by new investors. Schemes like this demand a constant flow of money in order to keep going. If the fraudster can’t recruit sufficient new investors, or if a large number of current investors want to cash out, the entire system collapses -- just as it did for Bernie Madoff on December 10, 2008 when his sons told authorities that their father had confessed that the asset-management arm of his firm was “one big lie.” Total loss to investors: $18 billion.

The Hook: Ponzi-scheme organizers ensnare new investors by promising to invest their funds in high-return, low-/no-risk opportunities. Unlike a pyramid scheme, investors don’t have to help bring in new recruits to get paid. And when they make money, they naively assume it’s from successful investments (since the source is never actually disclosed) when in reality, compensation comes from the newer recruits.

Red Flags: The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) suggests looking out for other warning signs in addition to “high-return, no-risk opportunities” which include overly consistent returns, unregistered investments, unlicensed sellers, secretive and/or complex strategies, issues with paperwork (such as excuses as to why you can’t see something in writing), and difficulty receiving payment.

In the Madoff case, however, many sophisticated investors were duped by the fraudster despite his complicated (in fact, fictional) strategies and secretive manner. Madoff’s “play” was largely based on specific sorts of psychological manipulation, say some experts, which allowed him to gain investors’ trust and thwart would-be efforts to verify his outrageous claims.

Blogger Stats Pageviews by Country

Blogger Stats Pageviews by Country for the past month.
Malaysia 825
Russie 562
Singapore 524
United States 407
Thailand 141
Australia 107
United Kingdom 72
Germany 51
Indonesia 45
Philippines 42

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National Tax Conference 2011 Event of the Year

There will be a National Tax Conference jointly organised by LHDN Malaysia (Inland Revenue Department or Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara) and CTIM (Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia) this coming 19th and 20th July 2011 - to be held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

This Premier Tax Event of the Year shall focus on the Economic Transformation that is being delivered under the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme) with respect to the Role of Taxation.

What I gather is that among all the issues, topics and roles, it shall be the starting point of the GST implementation discussion and steps. It certainly is imminent. A "developed nation" definitely will have the ingredient of GST as part of the national tax regime. Quick reminder: Malaysia has to achieve developed nation status by or on the year 2020 as professed under the Vision 2020 Dream.

Among the topics featured:
ETP - An Update
Liberalisation of Tax Services in a Globalised World: Issues and Challenges
IRBM Transformation: Together Towards Building a High Income Nation
Economic Transformation: Taxation Issues
Tax Cases Update
Compliance and Enforcement Challenges Faced by Regional Tax Authorities
Issues and Concerns Arising From Audits
Transformation from a Corporate Employee to an Internationally Known Chef

Organisers home page:

AirAsia 27.725 Percent Dividend Payout in June

Those investing in AirAsia stock can enjoy some payout very soon. A complex dividend structure will be paid out in June 2011 equating approximately to a 30% payout.

If you still hold AirAsia by 16th June 2011, you'll be entitled to this dividend on 20th June 2011.

Detailed description and calculation of AirAsia's dividend:
(i) Gross Dividend of 9.1% per ordinary share of RM0.10 less Malaysian Income Tax at 25% (9.1 percent X 0.75 = 6.825%);
(ii) Tax Exempt Dividend of 0.2% per ordinary share of RM0.10; and
(iii) Single Tier Dividend of 20.7% per ordinary share of RM0.10.
Tabulation: 6.825% + 0.2% + 20.7% = 27.725%

Par value of AirAsia is RM0.10.
Dividend per 1000 shares = 1000 x RM0.10 x 27.725%
= 27.725 RM

This dividend is for Financial Year Ending 31st December 2010. So indeed last year was a remarkable year for AirAsia. Doubling in equity value.

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