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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AirAsia 27.725 Percent Dividend Payout in June

Those investing in AirAsia stock can enjoy some payout very soon. A complex dividend structure will be paid out in June 2011 equating approximately to a 30% payout.

If you still hold AirAsia by 16th June 2011, you'll be entitled to this dividend on 20th June 2011.

Detailed description and calculation of AirAsia's dividend:
(i) Gross Dividend of 9.1% per ordinary share of RM0.10 less Malaysian Income Tax at 25% (9.1 percent X 0.75 = 6.825%);
(ii) Tax Exempt Dividend of 0.2% per ordinary share of RM0.10; and
(iii) Single Tier Dividend of 20.7% per ordinary share of RM0.10.
Tabulation: 6.825% + 0.2% + 20.7% = 27.725%

Par value of AirAsia is RM0.10.
Dividend per 1000 shares = 1000 x RM0.10 x 27.725%
= 27.725 RM

This dividend is for Financial Year Ending 31st December 2010. So indeed last year was a remarkable year for AirAsia. Doubling in equity value.

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