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Monday, May 9, 2011

Love Using AirAsia Then Own It Too

Love flying AirAsia? Love the low fares? The red colour. The money saved! Then start buying AirAsia shares. I have been writing this mantra since the start of blogging. Basically if I like a product - be it a car, fridge, telecommunications company - I'll buy the shares or stocks and literally own part of the company.

So I've been using AirAsia since their Day One. And ever since it was listed, I have been accumulating their shares. Think about the savings I have gained by travelling on AirAsia, then put that money-saved aside. Next, use that money to purchase shares of AirAsia. This completed cycle means you're like a person who has created the chicken-and-egg story but at a superb advantage. Whatever you spent on travelling, you're virtually helping your own company to make profit. Sort of.

Think in terms of car. Honda is a totally remarkable and reliable car company. Buy it. It is a great product that has the lowest rate of repair required. Similarly Asus. The laptop and netbook Taiwanese company, that puts both quality and design in their products winning numerous awards YEARLY. They have been the ones who cut so-called PREMIUM laptop companies such as Sony and IBM, by believing in themselves, giving 2 years warranty for their laptops at a 20-30% lower price than the premium companies. The outcome? Prices moved a notched downwards being more affordable for the masses and then when Asus literally invented the netbook, almost anyone in the middle income group can own and use a computer in the developing world.

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