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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If unable to buy BigMac why not try KFC?

Perhaps we have long thought of the wisdom in investing in sure-win stocks such as Microsoft. And the other M - McDonald's the burger company. BigMac - is synonymous with McDonald's worldwide. The BigMac we always have tasted one time or another. The BigMac index is used to calculate the cost of living comparisons. And Happy Meals. McDonald's branding is so powerful, the red and golden arches, the tagline "I'm Loving It" goes everywhere. Fact: Very high chance when travelling abroad in an unfamiliar country with exotic food - perhaps first time in Thailand - one will look for McDonald's Value Meal set. Actually, McDonald's Restaurant was "looking" at you. It's placed at strategic locations. Prime locations. Powerful ads.

How about a trip to Luxembourg or Hong Kong or London the first time for budget travellers? Yes you CANNOT afford a local 20 EUR meal. So you are likely looking for the Golden Arches. And it will be there to rescue you.

McDonald's is listed in US market and currently going for 80 USD. So alas, it seems to late to want to invest in this well-known sure-bet fast food company.

How about Kentucky Fried Chicken? KFC is listed in Malaysia and currently goes for 4RM (or less than $2.00 SGD)

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