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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Impressive AirAsia 3rd Quarter 2010 results

AirAsia showing super strength with impressive 3rd Quarter 2010 results:
+ earnings up 152% from RM130 mil to RM328 mil
+ revenue up 34% from RM739 mil to RM987 mil
+ Earnings Per Share (EPS) at 11.90 sen
+ 12% passenger growth
+ 22% higher fare from RM142 to RM173
+ Seat load factor up 3% to 78%
+ Core operating profit up 539% at RM216 mil
+ Core operating profit margin 21.9% from 4.6%

Share price of AirAsia rose 10sen to close at RM2.55. Still a relatively good buy comparing to any other airline out there. With the new Haneda (Tokyo) route and Seoul route opening soon, all of the top Asian economies are now connected via AirAsia. Here is a breakdown into "regions".
1) Whole of Asean
2) Japan, Korea, Taiwan - economic powerhouse
3) China
4) India
5) London and Paris (Orly)
6) Australia

Risks to think about:
AirAsia had handled well air transportation crises in the past. So even the recent earthquake and volcano in Indonesia, was handled efficiently. Past risks tackled nicely includes SARS, Bali bombings, Thailand government political changes and fuel surcharge situation during 2007-2008.

AirAsia made travelling on budget a reality. Many of those who convert to AirAsia may still complain. But they know the savings gained far outweigh any "difficulties" moving from a full fledge commercial airline, to a budget airline. Very soon, the population may have "forgotten" what is was like to travel by air in "luxury". Which is a good thing. What you never had, you will never miss. And what you had for a relatively low price, you'll want more - you'll want to FLY AirAsia more.

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