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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Making same mistakes in Singtel and Noble Group

Here is a sharing about a repeat of my trade that resulted in a lower gains.
I bought Singtel at close to 3.15 and they went down to below 2.95 for a period of time that took some toll in my emotions. When it found the momentum to move above 3.20, I sold them - still at a profit - but prices were supposed to lead up to $3.50 (it eventually headed around $3.35). This was early this year.

Similar, I bought in again, and when it hit 3.16 earlier last week, I sold them. Only to see prices going over $3.34 now.

Noble Group: My target was to buy when it went below $2.00. And had bought at $1.87. Prices went to about $2.00, then sank back to $1.93. Went the next upward movement hovered around $1.98 I sold them, thinking it cannot break the $2.00 "barrier". Perhaps I was trying to think like a day trader, or TA. And forgo my original plan of a 6 months to 1 year holding period. Now Noble is over $.2.19.

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