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Monday, November 22, 2010

Still good chance to pickup stocks now

Best opportunity now to buy more with the recent market correction.
Some picks:
SPH - giving big dividend soon
Suntec - down from $1.55 to %1.54
Costco - $2.00 (all time high was over $8.00!) - oil and marine
Genting Singapore - $2.04 (from high of $2.35) 

AirAsia - $2.30 from high of $2.65
KNM - 40 sen from 85 sen
YTLPower - good bet for new age 4G system. Low innovative tariffs and bundling - a very strong position to challenge not just internet service providers but also regular mobile companies. YTLPower owns YTL Communications which owns the 4G network called YES in Malaysia. $2.50 - Current price comes with dividend.

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