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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Against all odds and protectionism AirAsia still soars

The age old David and Goliath story continues with David growing bigger. While MAS being protected by the government is not. Not that we want to see such story of glory, but the long corporate culture of government bailouts, handouts, protectionism, inequality, unfairness and the list goes on, has but underscore the capital letter "I" in inefficiency - unfortunately in Malaysia.

 To snub the so-called supremacy and protection, and irony of the "supremacy" with fear and calling it distributing income to other lesser native people, I guess the best way is via the most legal and yet enterprising way. Buy AirAsia. AirAsia is the proven model that no matter how much lop-sided things are, as long as you have a very sound plan, very good corporate governance and seed culture (grow your culture during its infancy) - stay united and synergise every employee's energy without regard to race, religion, shape - you can and you will be better than be crippled with crutches that are unnecessary.

Sometimes if the competition or "The Others" is still looking narrow-sightedly about chasing tails, such as giving promotion whenever and wherever AirAsia is promoting (e.g. AirAsia did an Australian promotion, and MAS countered with all AU cities that AirAsia served only - disregarding Sydney) - AirAsia didn't look back anymore. But so much more forward. Have to point out the other case which is creating Kota Kinabalu as the second hub for AirAsia in Malaysia. Next day, MAS announces the same! This reminds me of what

TO quote and rephrase Buzz Lightyear: "To Asia and Beyond". (To Infinity and Beyond)
I believe that has been what AirAsia has been focusing on. Now everyone can fly, and now everyone can own a company they can be proud of. Definitely if you are a Malaysian national, you'd be proud when a stranger from France talking about your country and the next thing besides Petronas Twin Towers is AirAsia!

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