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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Irony of the so-called great capitalism company Apple

Great irony. The so-called great capitalism company - Apple - is it really freedom, capitalism, democracy? Or is it a super-smooth Trojan horse by the machination of PR, lawyer-ism, brainwashing marketing?

1) Apple is brutally capitalist - they don't have factory but simply uses the "world trade open system" of subcontracting the manufacturing of their physical products to Foxconn, with very brutally demanding negotiations - ie. super low priced because they could, and in turn the Foxconn system has to pass-the-buck and nailing employees to the slavery system of operations. Indirect slavery?

2) There is only one product. A phone. One phone. Again brutal capitalist. One flyer to print. One box to design, pack, shipped. One size. While the competitors like Sony has 3 products per quarterly cycle. Take that as an example, there are 4 quarters X 3 products X 10 million flyers or brochures for example sake. That means 12 designs, 12 sets of photos, designers, etc vs Apple's one brochure. Well they sure saved alot of money. 

3) Oh - single product, has another issue. It seems this single product has 3 storage capacity. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. While there is NO option for your OWN (read: freedom, democracy, consumer's right) to slot in a microSD card. And the rip-off is so clear cut. You are funneled into buying the 64GB device that cost 200 USD more! It's not a feature, nor design issue. It is about brutal capitalism slaughtering sheep. And these sheep keep coming and coming like lemmings.

4) You CANNOT install nor modify the operating system and environment. What? Where is democracy again? Sitting outside the toilet bowl? You cannot use another industry wide charger that was agreed upon to SAVE THE EARTH - ie. using MicroUSB cable. YOU MUST BUY (read: brutal slaughtering of sheep) the proprietary cable.

5) One afternoon, a few years ago, one guy asked me in a cafe, "something something Airport". I was puzzled and told him this is wifi internet and we are in a shopping mall and the airport is about 400 Baht away by taxi. Oh fool, he was using some Apple system and poor guy couldn't connect to the wifi. I tried my best. You can't get it to work with world-wide standards. This happened in another situation recently with an insurance agent that wanted to ask to transfer some files using Bluetooth and listening to music. The Bluetooth standard on his white metal (is it aluminium or gold whatever that supposedly is greater than the maligned plastic), is non standard. Therefore it cannot connect to any devices like my laptop (HP Envy 4), nor my old Nokia 5310, nor my new Ray. Not even the Calypso V2 headset. In short, there is no democracy here. Oh yes there is. It is to buy the white goods certified white products. IT SIMPLY doesn't work with other products. You are FUNNELED into buying another Apple product. 

6) Speaking of which what the software that unites it all aims to do. iTunes. And pay you must.

7) The most outrageous fact is connecting those facts and yet realising that many people still does not realise they are in this so-called mega freedom, democracy, super-power ego, yet it is apparent the said goods are akin to communism. There is one. One phone. It looks the same. Everyone has the same. There's one button, and you have to click it several times to get things done. There is one glowing logo. In a lecture hall, there are 50 of them, and it looks exactly the same. 

For one movie that though wasn't so successful but brought to the table about why "rebels" seem to be cool, and fighting the monolithic empire - Aeon Flux - it seems applicable to this real-life scenario. The funny thing is many of us non-white goods people are not into doing the Aeon Flux attack of their system. We aren't interested. Because we are already not inside that Matrix.

If you're still living inside that Matrix, you can go on living that way. Or take the the red pill (it's supposed to mean to STOP to AWAKEN since red colour). Then you'll see the truth of it. Until then, if you've been an Apple user for the past 5-6 years since the "revolutionary" ipod came, I bet you already spent 20 000 USD or more on all those products, while we the people outside of the Matrix spent a fraction of that using true products that are not priced in the platinum range, and caught up in the re-new, upgrade, battery-unremovable-so-must-sent-to-STORE situations. 


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