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Monday, February 7, 2011

Honda Fit surpasses sale of Toyota Prius

In Japan, the Honda Fit has surged in sales and just beaten the Toyota Prius for the first time after about 2 years. Then end.

Not. Now the challenges of putting out a hybrid or fuel cell vehicle has been tackled in every direction by the big players in Japan, the next shift in demand will boost the demand of the raw material used. Steel? Metal? Yes in certain respect. The correct answer: Lithium.

Lithium is the powerhouse of these machines. These machines that will dominate the car driving landscape. American government policy is pressing so hard to get 1 million of these vehicles on the road. The success in Japan will be overshadowed by a milestone sucesss in USA. Simply because the media and power of the media and propaganda will push the awareness to a greater level across the globe. And therefore, the demand is not just picking up. It will be a huge tremendous political bargaining tool. Imagine countries where petroleum is not being produced. If you are a wise leader and want to keep your government, one good simple suggestion is to push hard for these machines. Your people will love you! You will get their votes again. And you are a hero - green hero - saving their home land from the evil addictions of oil.

Green and social conscious countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland - and small city states like Monaco, Singapore, can easily and quickly shift their whole country to adopt (by law) these machines and replace the oil guzzlers in a matter of a single term in office. 2-5 years.

Thus the curvature of demand will be growing exponentially particularly in the next 5-10 years.

If you have yet to invest in Lithium, do it now.

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