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Monday, February 7, 2011

Health is still the best wealth - accumulate now

Dear Readers and Investors,
Many of those who have read and thanked my articles even since the days of the SingaporeStocks Forum (now defunct because they changed it and most free contributors left) have bluntly one goal. Making more money. Creating wealth. Fine. That's absolutely fine. Just be thankful when you do, and happy with my sharing and whenever someone is gaining from it, since sharing my research is not a zero-sum-game against me!

Now, we know, or thought we know, the most important wealth is simply health. Good health. Physically fine to function. To enjoy life, we hope to have good health so we can literally go outside. Go visit the Balinese sea temples of Pura Rambut Siwi or Ulu Watu. Go out to have a nice spicy tom yaam guung Thai dinner. Go for some trekking and photography. Enjoy some watersports. Enjoy playing in the waves by the white sand beaches.

So a new year again? I have stopped counting years and anniversaries to a certain level. While still, the buzz of the new year, new Lunar Year, new growth targets - everything is new going in the same upbeat way - one have to ask, how about a new body? When are we servicing our bodies? If you own a car or motorised vehicle, there is requirement to perform service checks periodically. Oil change. Tyre pressure check.

Now our bodies are supposed to have that too. Yes - perhaps I did - we went for this super mega huge Japanese buffet for New Year! Is that correct? We went to for 4 hours of Thai massage marathon last weekend. Is this the oil check we talk about? Years ago, I would have thought so. A big special (usually expensive) meal. Spa or massage. Relax under the sun by some swimming pool. That will "re-charge" my body. Making it supremely new and happy with my mind again. It didn't worked.

And even if we thought it did, most likely the activity might have caused more serious damage. Super buffet stuffed with a double dose of more calories and carbohydrates. That is not helping even though the dopamine short term effect seems like a nice reward.

So however we see it, we already know that we need to fix, service, improve, maintain our physical body. Invest in it more than you invest in your stocks. Joining a gym perhaps was Step 1, five years ago for your new year's resolution. Then up the ante. Think of participating in the Body Pump class. I did that. It was great. And now I have more goals in my physical quest to stay fit.

Have always thought of doing a hike to a nearby hill or mountain? Forget Everest. Just think local. Think within your country or within Asia. Mount Bromo? Gunung Kinabalu? Rice terraces in the Phillipines? Plan it, and go for it. But soon after the trek, don't overindulge in a big reward meal. Think of the reward as you've done that seemingly arduous task of doing the trek up the mountain.

When I was young, I had to cycle to school. Bicycle was a means of transportation that is part of the daily life. This basic exercise was built-in to the daily routine. So perhaps try to revisit your old exercise routine that you have overlooked. Perhaps you walked to school. Perhaps you climb up 5 flight of stairs during your month-long holiday with your grandmother. It was fun. So try to put that back into your life again.

Buy a bicycle! And buy a good lock too.

I met this guy from NZ who said proudly while looking at his "walking counter device" or phone: "We have to walk ten thousand steps per day to stay in a healthy and active lifestyle".
"And now I have just made 10000 steps. Bye see you tomorrow." He said happily.

I certainly thought in a funny way perhaps he was having ADHD, OCD, or some form of a health freak.
Then putting that aside, to make a better conclusion is that having a goal will push us to complete a task we wanted to achieve. And can rephrase to: creating a basic routine will bring us to the goal we wanted to achieve.

Essentially it's not about the grammar or being motivated by the carrot nor stick. Both are fine. We want our goals to be achieved. So buying that odometer or application on his phone to count his walking steps per day, actually helped him achieved his goal(s).

I've signed up for a 5 year gym membership (2008!). Now I've just dedicated my mind to focus on Body Pump Classes. At least 3 times a week. Plus trying to increase the difficulty. Also will try to join the Cycling/Spinning Class this week. What are your steps?

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