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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Buying AirAsia merchandise

For budget travellers, flying AirAsia is a joy. And the money saved - likely at least 50% of regular full-service airline can be put to good use. Well since there is no meals included you can have the choice of purchasing the in-flight meals. The selection is growing through the years. On a recent flight, I saw Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Which are currently a super-trendy-craze in Bangkok.

Bangkokians are queueing up to buy these donuts. And at Siam and On Nut BTS Station, you could even see a peculiar scene on the road side five-foot-way. There are small entrepreneurs selling them with a nicely displayed menu and official bag. I haven't checked to see if this is authentic or a copied donut. Or perhaps these sellers had queued up to purchase the donuts then reselling them. This phenomenon happened some years ago in Bangkok. Food gourmand were queuing up to purchase Roti Boy, and then reselling these hot Mexican buns for a 5 Baht profit.

One that recent flight too, I saw the ever-growing list of merchandise listed. In 2008 on the second official flight to Perth by AirAsia X, I had bought a travel adaptor for 25 RM (8 USD). It was a good buy. Last check at the IT shop it cost around the same price. Travel Universal Adaptor with Surge Protector and AirAsia logo. There are "lock/unlock" buttons on the top and bottom to trigger the European knobs, and rotating US/China knobs. Now this model is discontinued. And being replaced with the multi-plug "Konnext Travel Adaptor" - you get 3 separate pieces. No surge protector. Cost 49 RM.

What else could you buy? In eBay, there are many hobbyist who are collectors of airplane models. You could buy these for around 100 RM, and sell them in eBay.

So perhaps my adaptor could be sold as a collector's edition in eBay in the year 2020 for a princely sum?

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