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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fly AirAsia Now Before Oil Prices Rise to 110 USD

The recent political winds-of-change through the Middle East and North Africa has fanned uncertainty into the availability of oil, simply due to the fact that this region holds a very large stockpile of the so-called black gold.

The past 2 months since the beginning of the year 2011, has seen Brent Crude Oil price increased 17%.

Even our favourite airline, AirAsia has made it clear with price adjustments but not hardcore fuel surcharges yet. When will a surcharge be imposed? According to AirAsia, the break-even point is when oil prices hit 110 USD.

Will we see an end to Zero Airfares Promotion by AirAsia? Probably not - but they might have that added column of cost in the total fare - titled "FUEL SURCHARGE". Among many other reasons I prefer AirAsia than other airlines is that dreaded mysterious hidden cost - called FUEL SURCHARGE. Many airlines will advertise in the newspaper seemingly cheap airfares with the fine print stating "Does not include fuel surcharges and taxes". So when you get the final nett price, it is not affordable anymore. Agree?!

Therefore, take the best chance now to plan and book your AirAsia tickets. The BIG SALE currently on will last only until 26th February. Just 3 more days to go.

Frommer's Paris 2011 (Frommer's Colour Complete Guides)
Special INSIDER INFO: From my secret inside information research, AirAsiaX will also be launching a BIG SALE right after this. Perhaps this weekend. AirAsiaX flies longer haul flights that last 5 hours or more. So these destinations will be up for grabs at promotional price:
Gold Coast

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How much will the airfare be? Here is more of my research. Traditionally, full fare airlines will charge an optimal price. And they offer slight discounts (10-20%) if flown within their return-flight schedule timeline. Such as 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months. Else you will be charge the premium full 1 year fare. This is one way to "lock-in" passengers for both ways of a flight route.

The Rough Guide to Bangkok (Rough Guides)For instance: Bangkok to Hong Kong return fare is about 10000 Baht for a month. Or Full Fare is 12000 Baht. And a 7 day return fare could be around 7000 Baht to 8000 Baht. And what is the price for a one-way fare? It is likely 6000 Baht or 7000 Baht. It is ridiculous? Shouldn't it be halve the price of a return flight?

AirAsia does not do that. This is one of the best reasons to use AirAsia. It doesn't force you to return at a fixed date, and fixed destination. You could be flying multiple destinations and just paying per direction without any penalties.

AirAsia's usual rate is almost half (50%) of full fare airlines booked in 3-6 months. So you could do a quick estimation. And the promotional fares will be much lower.

For instance, Bangkok to Denpasar flights cost 10000 to 13500 baht in other airlines. If you booked at a regular fare level, AirAsia's price is around 6000 Baht. If you booked the special promotional fare, you could get a return flight for 2500 Baht to 3000 Baht.


  1. =D Thank you so much!Angelica Afonso de Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  2. You're welcome Angelica. AirAsia short-haul (within 3-5 hours flight promo) ends tomorrow. These includes routes such as KUL-Taipei, KUL-Bali (DPS), KUL-Hong Kong, Hong Kong-Bangkok. So try to check them out.

  3. Air Asia just updated that there will be no sale for flights to Japan because they were unable to secure approval from Japan local authority.


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