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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Chinese Are Coming by BBC Negative Propaganda

Recently, BBC produced a two part TV "documentary" titled "The Chinese Are Coming". The so-called documentary portrayed in a very bias way how China's citizen are going to Africa to do business, create factories, create chicken farms and sell chicken meat, and buying over a British (read colonial slavery) copper mine in Zambia.

The BBC and certainly the British government and perhaps intelligence were attempting a psychological warfare manoeuvre. Alas, it suffered a deep backlash simply because today's human population know how well the true historical tyrants and manipulators were. The British / English themselves. What irony.

They are the ones who plundered jewels, diamonds, natural resources from a third of the world for centuries. They are the ones who systematically sold drugs (opium) and declaring proudly a "true business". They are the ones who used trickery to get foothold into China, South East Asia and many other African nations.

Have you read about the history of Hong Kong? What a shame. Why is there such a bank called "Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank" - peculiar isn't it and it's run by the British?

Do you know in the top STI Index Stocks are remnants of those from the era of pillaging?

And truly I am very sure the late Bruce Lee was killed by some of these clandestine government bodies, simply because in the 70s, and being such an influential person originating from China, with clear philosophical views, poses a threat once again to their "freedom".

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