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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chinese Finance Fengshui 4 Feb - 5 Mar Wood Tiger

Just when you thought the old growler had finally given up the ghost, the White Rabbit opens the adventure by promptly disappearing down a hole. All very well for bears caught short (this is a wood month), but perhaps it's best for the rest to consider ourselves blessed simply that spring has sprung and a new year begun.

A couple of admonitions during this bumpy beginning: incline to the horizontal, and decline the pervertical. Remember that the raisin d'etre of dried fruit is to help prune the posterior and repair the interior. Health is wealth and happiness is all. Don't let that tired and tiresome Tiger get the best of you: Grab the bull by the horns and get set for a much better ride ahead.

Overall: Bumpy
Carrot days: 4, 8, 20 Feb, 4 Mar
Sticky days: 9, 12, 18 Feb, 3 Mar
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