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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eat Pray Live

New Year's Resolution was likely a water cooler chat small talk, is that right?

Well perhaps. And perhaps not. Since I don't have a water cooler to socialise about, I made my plans not with respect to the impending New Year 2011, but the impending boom in my waistline and the choices of clothing becoming strangely undersized (again).

So I started right when I said start somewhere end of November and actually kept track of things from 1st of December 2010 - which was about 3 months ago.

Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything. Elizabeth Gilbert  Vicky Cristina Barcelona  Eat Pray Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Eat we must. But I made sure this time I read fully those nutritional facts. I made research on various issues pertaining to what the body needs. For example the body needs protein to create cells. Carbohydrates as a source of energy. Fat or oils for the process of cell and hormone creation. Then I made historical points of extrapolation - with regards to how much we need in the ultra-modern world. The modern world ended circa year 2000. And thus we are now at the ultra-modern world.

Therefore I want to share these new findings and compilation of science, research, and ideas plus the full practise of it. Meaning as expressed by myself onto myself. And hence I started writing several Posts on health, and losing fat.

Pray we must too. The world is a crazy place. Perhaps a prayer can give a connection to the greatness of life. And yet the humbling of life as well. We are humbled like mere ants and we can see the greatness. Prayer is also about hope. Do you know that based on real life research and history, those who survived severe and extreme conditions have a "lingering hope" that got them through their darkest hour. Such as those who were building Hell Fire Pass; the guy who survived in the open sea for months (Poon Lim), even Che Guevara who survived and see real life while doing his motorcycle trip with his best friend. He saw true suffering of the most common and lowest rung of society. And he began formulating hopes for them.

Life is to be lived. Alive is living in life.
Yes I created that phrase. It's confusing or not - perhaps that is the meaning of life. We are at the cusp of craziness and tranquillity. And we live it.

Below is an excerpt I wrote recently to a fellow traveller:
Travelling is indeed another form of living life. Especially when done in a longer number of days, living at the place as a local would. Not rushing or hurried to go on the next bus or train. Some days might be uneventful to others, but that's ironically the most "local" way to experience life. Some years ago, I moved to the floating village do to art and photography. In the weekends, the place is bustling with crowds of people. I had a kayak I'd paddle out to the river, looking at the scene. Weekdays, there's almost zero visitors. The water is calm. The old folks doing their washing in the river and bathing. I'll be washing my own clothes and thinking of the best time and spot to hang them. Some days it rained. Some it didn't but the clothes weren't dry and had a smell.

I had to time my bicycle rides because after 8:30pm, the dogs will bark and chase "strangers" in the small alley to the place I rented. Time was going very slow. Yet in the day, I can do photography of real people, real life, sleepy life, dogs and cats doing their animal antics, looking at the canal and rivers - change colour twice. When it's brown and murky, the river is going upstream because of the changes in the moon phase. When it's green and fresh, river from Kanchanaburi is flowing down. It's time for a swim!

Some days I'd watch my friends fish in the canal. Watching, waiting. They plan to go at night to get prawns. And some fishes are too small and released back into the river. Some nights we'd have barbeque-d fish, and we buy some fresh scallops and make a little party.

When the water is at the highest, where the ebb and flow is at a balance, the water is still. It's the best time to kayak. No more fighting with the direction of the water - whether upstream or downstream. It's purely floating on the water, paddling whichever way. The time is short-lived maybe for an hour or less. It changes daily. It's exciting to be at the right time.

I didn't know too. Perhaps that was my goal at that time. To find the balance in the river of life. And living in it even just for an hour a day. That balance is so beautiful. Sliding my kayak into the canal was effortless. Climbing onto the kayak was smooth - I am not anxious the boat will float away. Then just bouncing on the water. Laying completely flat on the kayak, hands outstretched, the sun above with clouds. Everything is in balance.

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